The Upload of File for Upgrading MA5200 R007 Fails because Recycle Bin of FLASH is not Cleared

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  128 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
At a site, MA5200F 7120 is upgraded to Release 7127; when loading the Release 7127 file by TFTP, it prompts the transmission is interrupted or the file is too big, incapable of loading it to FLASH.
Alarm Information


Handling Process

1. Use the external network port and service port to load the version, but the problem persists;

2.Replace the PC and set the working mode of its network card to 100M full duplex, and then load the file, but the problem persists yet;

3. Use FTP to load the new version file, and the problem persists yet;

4. Check the available space of FLASH, and it prompts: 17024K bytes free, 13696K bytes preassign, of which 13696K bytes are reserved for system, so the available space is far less than that needed by version file. The problem is found;

5. Check the files under each directory, and no waste is found;

6. Under the root directory, execute reset recycle-bin command to empty the recycle bin, but FLASH has no sufficient space yet;

7. Use dir /all command to check the files under each directory, and it is found that the recycle bin under system directory has a version file of 7115;

8.Under system directory, use reset recycle-bin command to empty the recycle bin; check the FLASH again, and the available space is enough then;

9. Reload the version file of 7127, and it succeeds.
Root Cause

1. R007 uses file system to file the FLASH. System includes usually system, ic, billfile directories, and they are used to cache the running file of system, information alarm file and bill file respectively; because of the realization of VRP platform, the recycle bin under each directory is independent, so it needs to empty each one separately;

2. The files in recycle bin could be viewed by executing the dir /all command under the current directory;

3. The recycle bin could be emptied by using the reset recycle-bin command under the current directory;

4. Once a file is confirmed waste, it is suggested to use delete /u command to delete it directly.