2.8 TC-A2109 The BIOS Fails to Start After the Firmware Upgrade Because the Configuration Data in the CMOS Is Changed

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Issue Description
Related information about the product and version: the T3200 and T3500 G2.
After the firmware upgrade, disconnect the AC power supply. Wait three minutes and then restart the device. The black screen occurs, the power module is normal, the indicator of port 80 is in the 0x00 state, and the BIOS is not running. For details on how to check the indicator status of port 80, see 3.2 Checking the 80 Port LED of the T3200 or the T3500 G2.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Step 1     On the cmd.exe interface of the Windows client, run the cd ipmitool_file command to go to the directory of the IPMITOOL.ipmitool_file is the directory of the IPMITOOL.
Step 2     Run the ipmitool.batxxx.xxx.xxx.xxxraw 0x30 0x0a command to clear the CMOS data of the faulty device. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx indicates the IP address of the IPMI port of the device.
Root Cause
After the firmware upgrade, the configuration data in the CMOS is changed.