S5000T Disk Certification

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Issue Description
move a disk from S5000 to S5000T,but find the red light of the disk is on.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
You must get the files as follows frist:
Father folder

I will give the process of whole system disk certification as follow.
Firstly, open the program Sock.exe at you PC and don’t close it.

Secondly, upload disk.tgz and updatedisk.sh to S5000T by using SSH, and then use the command “dos2unix updatedisk.sh” on the S5000T to change the right of the updatedisk.sh to both read and write.
Thirdly, find the sentence “ writedisk $ll /OSM/conf/diskopt/disk.csv /OSM/conf/diskopt/elable.txt > /tmp/disk_opt/rslt.t ” in the updatedisk.sh,and then change the ip address such as  to your PC’s ip address.
Fourthly, execute command “./ updatedisk.sh” to finish the disk certification. The operations above are all take place at the CLI interface of S5000T.
Lastly, several minutes later, the disks are pass the certification, you will find the red light of disk is off and green one is on.
Root Cause
Oceanspace S5000T series have a special certification for their disk. If you want to add a disk in S5000T,you must pass their certification frist.
Check system when it is needed.