Unable to get IPv6 from DHCP server

Publication Date:  2012-10-22 Views:  183 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Configuration inside Firewall as below.

interface Vlanif1
description connect-to-PC
ipv6 enable
ipv6 address 2000::1 64
dhcpv6 server enable
dhcpv6 pool v6pool
dhcpv6 prefix-pool address-prefix pre
prefix 2000::/32
dhcpv6 pool v6pool
dns-server 1::1
prefix-pool pre
Alarm Information
There is no alarm generated.
Handling Process
Using wireshark to capture the packet and find out there is DHCPv6 packet were sent to the user PC.
Root Cause
Software Anti virus in the user PC are actually filtering the IPv6 packet.
Suggest Customer to disabled the Antivirus software from the PC and user are getting IPv6 Address.