Can one MAC address be bound to multiple IP addresses

Publication Date:  2013-01-30 Views:  288 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Alarm Information
Handling Process
One MAC address can be bound to multiple IP addresses.
Root Cause
One MAC address can be bound to multiple IP addresses, If an IP address is configured in an address MAC-IP binding relation for several times, the entry configured later overwrites the entry configured earlier.

[FW6-Eudemon]firewall mac-binding 4cb1-6c8f-67b9                
17:42:21  2013/01/16                                                          
[FW6-Eudemon]firewall mac-binding 4cb1-6c8f-67b9                
17:42:48  2013/01/16 
<FW6-Eudemon>display firewall mac-binding i                               
17:56:41  2013/01/16                                                          
Firewall mac-binding items :                                                  
Current items : 2                                                             
IP ADDRESS      MAC ADDRESS     VLAN-ID        VPN-INSTANCE                  4cb1-6c8f-67b9  0                                            4cb1-6c8f-67b9  0