FAQ-Why Cannot the Storage Space Be Reclaimed from an Expired Tape After Deduplication Is Performed on the Tape

Publication Date:  2015-08-04 Views:  347 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Why cannot the storage space be reclaimed from an expired tape when deduplication is enabled on the tape?

Products and versions:

VTL3500 V100R002
VTL6000 V100R003
VTL6900 V100R005

The VTL with the deduplication function inside logically include the VTL space and the SIR space. After deduplication is performed on an expired tape, the deduplicated data is stored in the SIR space and the index is stored in the tape and the SIR index space. If the data pointed by the index is referenced by other tapes, the storage space of the expired tape cannot be reclaimed.