FAQ-What Can I Do If the NetBackup Reports that Media Space Is Insufficient

Publication Date:  2015-08-05 Views:  360 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
What can I do if the NetBackup reports that media space is insufficient?

Products and versions:

VTL6000 V100R003C02
VTL6900 V100R005

The NetBackup reports that media space is insufficient because currently allocated tapes have been used up. Perform the following operations to resolve this problem:
  • Set backup policies again to shorten tape retention period, delete expired tapes, and create new tapes to store backup data.
    Because backup policies are closely related to the retention period of users' service data, communicate with users before setting backup policies.
  • Expand the storage space of the VTL. Use the expanded VTL storage space to create tapes to store backup data. For details, refer to the OceanStor VTL6900 Virtual Tape Library V100R005 Expansion and Configuration Instances.