FAQ-Why a VTL Device Cannot Detect Storage Units After It Is Restarted

Publication Date:  2015-08-05 Views:  299 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Why a VTL device cannot detect storage units after it is restarted?

Product and version information:

VTL6000 V100R003C02
VTL6900 V100R005

The power-on sequence is incorrect. Perform correct power-off and power-on procedures to restart the VTL device.

The procedures for powering off and powering on the VTL6000 and VTL6900 are as follows:
  • Power-off procedure: stopping services, powering off VEs, powering off SEs, powering off the SUC-SUD subsystem, powering off Fibre Channel switches, and disconnecting from the external power supply
  • Power-on procedure: connecting to the external power supply, powering on Fibre Channel switches, powering on the SUC-SUD subsystem, powering on VEs, and powering on SEs.