A Conference Fails to Start as Scheduled

Publication Date:  2015-08-11 Views:  317 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
A scheduled conference fails to start on time.
Handling Process
Step 1 Log in to the MCU web interface.

Step 2 Choose Settings > System.

Step 3 On the Time tab, correct the system time of the MCU.

   To initialize the system time, click Synchronize Local Time.

Step 4 Click OK.
Root Cause
The MCU schedules conferences based on its system time. If the system time is incorrect, the scheduled conferences cannot start on time.

If you schedule a conference to start immediately but the system time is earlier than the current time, the conference does not start immediately and is added to the scheduled conferences list.

For example, the system time on the MCU is 9:30, January 18, 2013 while the current time is 14:00, January 18, 2013. If you start a conference on the MCU, the conference is added to the scheduled conferences list and will start when the system time on the MCU reaches 14:00, January 18, 2013.