eDesk V100R005C00SPC300

Назначение For Business Дата выпуска 2017-01-23 Истек срок действия Нет
Обновлено Срок действия Атрибуты патча
Область применения Outside China,In China Тип версии Service tools Тип ПО
Применимо к
Описание Customer need to update related patches promptly after downloading and installing eDesk V100R005C00SPC300.exe.
Online update: Start eDesk and click About at the upper right corner. In the About page that is displayed, click Check the update and update the tool patch.
Offline update: Go to the patch download page, download all patches in the eDesk V100R005C00SPC30X directory, and manually execute the .exe patch file. (In the directory, 30X indicates the latest patch version number.)
Причина выпуска
Ограничение использования global release(BDAS is not released in security-sensitive countries and regions.)
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922.97MB 2017-01-23
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