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The product change notice (PCN) is an official document sent to customers to describe changes of the delivered products and impacts of the changes.
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Huawei PCN CloudEngine-20180001 Data Center Network CE-MPUA-E Card Change Notice 2018-01-23
Huawei PCN Data Center Energy-20170004 FusionModule2000 V200R002 V300R001, PDU8000 V100R002C10, and NetCol5000 V200R001C01 End of Marketing 2018-01-23
Huawei PCN CloudEngine-20170004 Data Center Network eSFP-GE-ZXV100, SFP-FC2G-SW, SFP-FC4G-SW, SFP-FC4G-LW, SFP-FC2G-LW, QSFP-40G-LX4 and SFP-10G-AOC20M Optical Module EOM Notice 2017-12-28
Huawei PCN CloudEngine-20160009 Data Center Network Product CE-L02LQ-EC, CE-L24XS-BA, CE-L48XS-BA, CE-L12XS-ED, CE-L24LQ-EC, and CE-L08CC-EC Cards EOM Notice--update 2017-12-07
Huawei PCN CloudEngine-20150002 Data Center Product Optical Module Label Change Notice--update 2017-12-07