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lKF71086   小试牛刀  发表于 2013-3-29 17:55:08

最新回复:2017-09-14 09:27:23

Huawei Learning Website Bookshelf ,it's here!       
The bookshelf combined with the original Huawei e-learning courses list, added PDF version list of training materials to download, and what's more, the download is  free except the sales support courses~ ~please refer to  annex to know more about the shelves, we will regularly update it, and will bring more and better courses and materials to you! 
What can you get from Huawei e-Learning courses? 
The courses cover four product lines, namely Enterprise Network, UC&C and IT, regarding sales support, technical fundamental, operation & maintenance, plan & design, advanced technology and general business.
How to join us?
Step 1. Homepage:http://learning.huawei.com/en  
Log in the website first and entry as an enterprises user.

Step 2 . Find the courses (Training Type: e-Learning) you want to learn and have fun with it!
              How to find a training please click to get the detail
The attachment 1 about courseware list will give you an complete version

Description of e-Learning privilege

Entitlement e-Learning courses currently face to the following types of users: Paid Customer;Huawei Channel Partner and HCIE Certification Userand the one who passed the HCIE career certification.
 If you are one of them, please refer to our website FAQ to get the empower method.
 In addition Huawei release a lot of free e-Learning courses for ICT practitioners and conduct a series of free live vatual class(LVCfor Huawei career certification training

Want to know more?
Don’t hesitate to check http://learning.huawei.com/en or sent email to learning@huawei.com, we are looking forward to your feedback.



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小鱼   横扫千军  发表于 2013-3-29 17:58:52

That is a good news!!
user_2014693   初出茅庐  发表于 2013-5-20 21:55:42

Hi every one,

Please, how the huawei elearning working, and if someone want to enroll what are the procedure?

Its the same as cisco network academy.?


lKF71086   小试牛刀  发表于 2013-5-21 08:31:52

回复 4 楼


HI,Huawei provide free training courses for the ICT industry ,so include you ,Cisco guys. The free courses including 40%  E-learning courses which consist of video(FLV &SWF) format (shown in pic. ) and the LVC seminar.The LVC provides Huawei career certification training now, of course , for free(click here)


lKF71086   小试牛刀  发表于 2013-5-21 08:36:08

Reply 3 #

yes,we provide free career certificaiton training ,too. our LVC coures can meet your needs.
herfir   初出茅庐  发表于 2013-8-1 22:02:40

Now LVC open courses at Thursday, http://support.huawei.com/learning/NavigationAction!createNavi#navi[id]=_16 

I interest to listen about HCDA but unfortunately when I'm try to join it's never work.. it so difficult to use not like Cisco WebEx. Can you help me?

lKF71086   小试牛刀  发表于 2013-8-2 14:13:14

回复 8 楼

 Hican you describe more about the error situation ? or the screenshot will be very helpful

 By the way , our LVC classes start at 19:00 Beijing time ~~

c00210869   初出茅庐  发表于 2013-6-18 17:16:54

Anyway, it's better than nothing. Wish E-Learning could be much easier and welcome by our end users!
user_1947913   初出茅庐  发表于 2013-5-9 08:30:48

NO ! This is BAD news, the only way to get Huawei training is to be in the 'in crowd' mentioned above.

How do you expect us Cisco guys to cross over if you won't provide free training ?

Juniper have a FREE fastTrack flash based course at their equivalent of CCNA level.

Huawei should do this too !

beroma   初出茅庐  发表于 2013-9-26 00:40:42

Hello everyone,

Im from India and my project to deploy ODN (GPON/EPON) this coming  year(2014). So i want self study and tutorial Ebook..How can i get the materials, The problem is that i dont have the permission of E-learning Privilege ...are there ebooks of GPON tutorials to buy? any reply will be greatly appreciated



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