S2352 I don‘t know reason of log. Help me, please!

Revilo   初出茅庐  发表于 2013-6-5 17:08:08

最新回复:2013-06-05 19:07:09


I have switch  S2352P-EI Version 5.70 (S2300 V100R005C01SPC100) with patch V100R005SPH016. There is log :"%%01DEFD/4/CPCAR_DROP_MPU(l)[19]:Some packets are dropped by cpcar on the MPU. (Protocol=ttl-expired, Drop-Count=0363)". What could be the reasons of this log?

a80026175   小试牛刀  发表于 2013-6-5 19:07:09

you receive packets with TTL field value of 1 . This is the reason of the drops (Protocol=ttl-expired). To find out what packets you need to debug L3 packets. Use debugging ip packet command in user view.
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