Meanings and Permissions Mapping to the Level Stars on the Huawei Technical Support for Enterprise Website

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On the Huawei technical support for enterprise website, what do the level stars mean in the My Support drop down list? What permissions map to them?




Resource Type

Disclose To


Version Software

Huawei Engineers


Channel Users (ASP/CSP/Sales Channels)

20170422093605712002.png or 20170422093606690003.png

Product Users


Registered Users




Controlled and non-commercial versions

√ (Locked)

Only the certified products visible (Locked)




Documents mapping to software and patches of test and TR5 versions, test cases, and test guides


Only the certified products visible




Documents mapping to universal software and patches, and cases about project survey, hardware installation, software commissioning, project acceptance, and faults

General versions (Download directly)



Guide documents for secondary developers



Product manuals, product documentation package, life cycle announcements, and consultative cases



Tip: indicates that Huawei full series products are visible. × indicates that Huawei full series products are invisible.

Note: If you want to access the restricted resources, you can upgrade your account. For details, see Enhance My Account Privilege.

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