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HCNP-CC Certification validates the knowledge and skills required to construct and manage the contact centers with small- and medium-sized networks.

HCNP-CC covers but is not limited to:
Installation and data configuration of a CTI platform
Installation and data configuration of a WAS platform
Service data configuration
Agent queue data configuration
Voice and video recording data configuration
iweb report service installation and data configuration
Email, chat service data configuration

HCNP-CC certification shows proven thorough understanding of contact centers and ability to deliver the Huawei contact center platform independently.

With HCNP-CC certified engineers , enterprises are able to construct, operate, and maintain an enterprise contact center independently, including installing and configuring software, performing interface operations and daily maintenance, and diagnosing faults.

Certification Training Requirement Qualification Requirement
HCNP-CC(Fast Track)   N/A HCNA-CC
Exam Code Exam Name Exam Fee Exam Outline Mock Exam
H11-848 HCNP-CC(Fast Track)
 (Huawei Certified Network Professional - Contact Center (Fast Track))
300 USD Exam Outline Mock Exam
Certification Exam Classroom Training e-Learning Course Training Plan
H11-848  HCNP-CC(Fast Track) HCNP-CC-HCTI Training Material
HCNP-CC-HUAP Training Material
-- Training Plan
With the advances of ICT technologies, Huawei certification content will be updated and optimized irregularly. Recertification can renew the validity of a certificate, and ensure that certification complies with the latest development trend of ICT technologies.

Re-Certification Method:

Certification Period of Validity Vaildity of Recertification Recertification Method Period of Invalidity
HCNP-CC Three years Three years http://support.huawei.com/learning/Certificate!toRecertification?lang=en Same as initial certification
Remarks: Within period of validity, new certificate is valid through three years starting from its certification date.
Certification Procedure:
Certification Procedure