H13-522 HCNP-Cloud-FCDC Exam Outline

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1.Huawei H13-522 HCNP-Cloud-FCDC Certification Exam
Huawei network storage certification exam item is shown in the following table. This article introduces the H13-522 HCNP-Cloud-FCDC exam outline, the other exam outline can be obtained in related training materials or Huawei website: http://enterprise.huawei.com.

Certification Program Exam Code Exam Name Exam Duration Pass Score/ Total Score
HCNP-Cloud H13-522 HCNP-Cloud-FCDC
(Huawei Certified Network Professional -Cloud- FusionCloud Datacenter Solution)
90 min 600/1000
 2.H13-522 HCNP-Cloud-FCDC Exam Outline
2.1 Exam Content
HCNP-Cloud-FCDC covers 7 topics which are Huawei computing virtualization technology, Huawei storage virtualization, Huawei network virtualization, Huawei cloud computing security technology, Huawei cloud computing disaster recovery solution and Huawei cloud datacenter routine maintenance and troubleshooting.
2.2 Key Points
Cloud Computing Basic Knowledge and Huawei Cloud Computing Products and Solutions:
1) Cloud computing technology and evolution, for instance, advantage of cloud computing, key features of cloud computing.
2) Datacenter development and evolution, for instance, datacenter technology evolution trends, key capabilities of cloud datacenter.
3) Huawei FusionSphere Solution, for instance, FusionSphere versions, components, specifications, deployment mode and key capabilities.
4) Huawei FusionSphere backup and disaster recovery solution, for instance, FusionSphere backup and disaster recovery solution structure and overall description. Huawei Computing Virtualization Technology:
1) Virtualization ability, for instance, CPU and content Qos, memory overcommitment.
2) VM migration and usability, for instance, VM migration.
3) Virtualized computing advanced features, for instance, VM resource dynamic adjust, DRS and DPM, NUMA, peripheral device passthrough.
Huawei Storage Virtualization Technology:
1) Storage Model, for instance, concepts of storage resource and storage device.
2) Principle of storage virtualization, for instance, file system and VM disk technology basics.
3) Features of storage virtualizations, for instance, snapshot of VM, linked colon VM, raw device mapping.
4) FusionStorage distribution storage, for instance, FusionStorage key components description and understanding, functions and features.
Huawei Network Virtualization Technology:
1) Network virtualization overview, for instance, understanding of virtual switch, physical NIC-based virtual switching and physical NIC-based virtual switching technology.
2) Virtual Switch, for instance, virtual NIC, traffic shaping, security.
3) SR-IOV technology, for instance, concept, SR-IOV components.
4) Virtual firewall, for instance, software virtual firewall, hardware virtual firewall.
5) Virtual load balancer, for instance, software load balancer, hardware load balancer.
6) VDC and VPC, for instance, further understanding the concept of VDC and VPC, elastic IP, SNAT, DNAT. 7) VxLAN technology, for instance, message structure, VxLAN ARP, VxLAN third layer access.
Huawei Cloud Computing Security Technology:
1) Overview of cloud security, for instance, analysis of security threats to cloud computing, key risk points in cloud computing security.
2) Security design rules of cloud computing.
3) Cloud security architecture, for instance, FusionSphere security architecture.
4) Network Security, for instance, network plane isolation, security group.
5) Virtualization Software Security, for instance, TPM/TCM.
6) Data security, for instance, residual information protection, data disk encryption.
7) O&M Security, for instance, O&M security overview.
8) Infrastructure Security, for instance, VM antivirus, OS hardening.
Huawei Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery and Backup:
1) DR (disaster recovery) concept, for instance, data backup and DR concept, standards of the DR, DR KPIs.
2) Key technologies for DR and backup, for instance, snapshot, changing block tracing, volume shadow copy service.
3) Overall architecture of Huawei DR and backup solution, for instance, understanding of Huawei DR and Backup solution.
4) Huawei DR and backup solution, for instance, HyperDP data backup system.
5) Huawei backup solution, for example, UltralVR system.
Huawei Cloud Data Center Maintenance and Troubleshooting:
1) O&M, for instance, roles management, role-, rights-, and domain-based management, object inspection, alarm management, logs management, backup and restoration.
2) O&M tools.
3) Troubleshooting, for instance, standard of incident handling rules.
The exam content provided here serves only as a general guide to candidates. Other contents not mentioned here may also be included in the actual exam.
2.3 References
Huawei FusionCloud Information Self-Service Platform ,http://enterprise.huawei.com/topic/FusionCloud_2013_en/index.html
Huawei Technical Support Website, http://support.huawei.com/enterprise.
2.4 Training Program Recommended
HCNP-Cloud-FCDC Training