Notice on the Extension of the Validity Period of HCS Certification

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We are now delighted to announce that, the validity period of HCS-Sales & HCS-Pre-sales certification will be extended to two years. Please see the following for details:

1. All HCS-Sales/HCS-Pre-sales certificates that become effective on and after today will have a validity period of two years.
2. HCS-Sales/HCS-Pre-sales certificates that became effective after Jan 1, 2015 will be valid for one year longer than the original validity period. Some previously expired certifications will be valid again.
3. HCS-Sales/HCS-Pre-sales certificates that became effective before Jan 1, 2015 are not covered for extension, and we are sorry for this.

For the past few years, thousands of engineers throughout the world are certified as Huawei Certified Specialist on various products, and your long-term and ongoing support on Huawei Specialist Certification are highly appreciated.
Thank you.


Certification Validity-Past Validity-Now
HCS-Sales-Bearer Network 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Sales-IP Network 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Sales-IT 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Sales-UC&C 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-Sales-Transmission Network 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-Sales-Access Network 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-Sales-IP Network(Datacom) 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-sales-IP Network(Security) 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-Sales-Storage 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-Sales-Server 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-Sales-Cloud 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-sales-TP&VC 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-sales-UC 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-Sales-CC 1 Years 2 Years
HCS-Pre-Sales-UPS 1 Years 2 Years

Partner Business Dept, Enterprise BG

Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.

20th September, 2016