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Huawei VRP Quick Start

Course Sort

  • Basic Technology

Course Language

  • English


  • Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe the VRP architecture
  • Use basic operation commands
  • Describe the function of VRP information center
  • Perform VRP operate files
  • Operate VRP upgrade software


  • Huawei VRP Quickstart
  • VRP overview
  • VRP Basic Configuration
  • VRP Information Center
  • VRP file operation
  • VRP software upgrade
  • Hands-on Exercise Guide to Huawei VRP Configuration Basics
  • VRP basic operation configuration
  • Remote device management
  • Terminal information output control
  • File system management
  • FTP operation


  • The swf format video, which contain actual operation situation and quizzes except lecture, need 20~30 seconds for buffering.
  • The flv format video will work more quickly but only with lecture but not the actual operation situation and quizzes.