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HCNA-HNTD Intermediate Training V2.1

Course Sort

  • Basic Technology

Course Language

  • English


  • Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe the architecture of an established enterprise network
  • Describe the business considerations for enterprise networks
  • Explain the use of link aggregation in the enterprise network
  • Describe the various forms of link aggregation supported
  • Configure link aggregation solutions
  • Explain the application of VLAN tagging
  • Describe the principle behavior of GRE
  • Configure GRE over IPsec
  • Describe the SNMP architecture and messaging behavior
  • Describe the function of the Management Information Base (MIB)
  • Configure general SNMP parameters and traps
  • Explain the application of eSight in the enterprise network
  • Describe the services provided by eSight as part of a complete network management solution
  • Explain the characteristics of IPv6
  • Explain the IPv6 address format and addressing types
  • Describe the process for IPv6 stateless address auto-configuration
  • Describe the characteristics and operation of RIPng
  • Describe the characteristics and operation of OSPFv3
  • Configure RIP and OSPF routing protocols for IPv6 20.Describe the features of DHCPv6


  • Advanced Enterprise Solutions Overview
  • Link Aggregation
  • VLAN Principles
  • VLAN Routing
  • Bridging Enterprise Networks with Serial WAN Technology
  • Frame Relay Principles
  • Establishing DSL Networks with PPPoE
  • Network Address Translation
  • Establishing Enterprise Radio Access Network Solutions
  • Access Control Lists
  • AAA
  • Securing Data with IPsec VPN
  • Generic Routing Encapsulation
  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • eSight Network Management Solutions
  • Introducing IPv6 Networks
  • IPv6 Routing Technologies
  • IPv6 Application Services -DHCPv6