Support Tools

Network Online Tools

Hardware Configuration Tool
Configuration image, power consumption, and weight are displayed in one page.
Online Classes on Network Products
Provides free learning material for network products, helping you quickly become a product expert.
Product Comparison Tool
One-Stop tool for product specifications and comparison between products.
Revelations of Troublesolving
The ROT helps you diagnose and repair faults systematically.
Alarm Finder(Transport Network)
One-stop alarm query providing name, description, level, parameter and other detail information.
Board Finder
One-stop board query providing photo, description, fucntion, index and other detail information.
Board Replacement Finder
One-stop board replacement query allows you to use the board name or BOM to query detailed information of a board and its substitutes (if available), including EOM information and the substitution conditions.
Calculation Assistant
Quick one-stop computation for common formulas and unit conversion
Dynamic Content Publishing (DCP)
Professional documentation customization tool, increasing documentation delivery efficiency
Enterprise Transport Delivery Assistant
One-click customization of industry-specific delivery solutions.
Feature Finder
One-stop feature query providing description, concept, specification, limitation and other detail information.
Maintenance Status Query
One-Stop tool for product maintenance information query
Optical Module Finder(Transport Network)
One-stop optical module query providing BOM code, applicated board, supported service type, index and other detail information.
Packet Format Query
Formats and descriptions of packets, including Layer 2-7 protocol packets.
Product Bulletins
One-Stop tool for life cycle notices,warning notices and PCN query.
Product Gallery(Transport Network)
You can obtain images of all transport network products in various formats.
RMA Status Query
One-Stop tool for RMA delivery status query
RTN Material Finder
One-stop RTN materialquery providing ODU/RFU, anternna, hybrid coupler and other accessories information.
Version Change Finder(Transport Network)
One-stop version change query providing deferences in hardware, feaute and O&M between two versions.