Support Tools

Network Online Tools

Hardware Configuration Tool
Configuration image, power consumption, and weight are displayed in one page.
Product Comparison Tool
One-Stop tool for product specifications and comparison between products.
Product Image Gallery
Obtain product photos, visio-format templates, and network element icons in one-stop manner.
Revelations of Troublesolving
The ROT helps you diagnose and repair faults systematically.
Alarm Finder(Transport Network)
One-stop alarm query providing name, description, level, parameter and other detail information.
Board Finder
One-stop board query providing photo, description, fucntion, index and other detail information.
Board Replacement Finder
One-stop board replacement query allows you to use the board name or BOM to query detailed information of a board and its substitutes (if available), including EOM information and the substitution conditions.
Calculation Assistant
Quick one-stop computation for common formulas and unit conversion
Dynamic Content Publishing (DCP)
Professional documentation customization tool, increasing documentation delivery efficiency
Enterprise Transport Delivery Assistant
One-click customization of industry-specific delivery solutions.
Feature Finder
One-stop feature query providing description, concept, specification, limitation and other detail information.
Maintenance Status Query
One-Stop tool for product maintenance information query
Online Classes on Network Products
Provides free learning material for network products, helping you quickly become a product expert.
Optical Module Finder(Transport Network)
One-stop optical module query providing BOM code, applicated board, supported service type, index and other detail information.
Packet Format Query
Formats and descriptions of packets, including Layer 2-7 protocol packets.
Product Bulletins
One-Stop tool for life cycle notices,warning notices and PCN query.
RMA Status Query
One-Stop tool for RMA delivery status query
RTN Material Finder
One-stop RTN materialquery providing ODU/RFU, anternna, hybrid coupler and other accessories information.
Version Change Finder(Transport Network)
One-stop version change query providing deferences in hardware, feaute and O&M between two versions.