E9000 Blade Server Mezzanine Module-Switch Module Interface Mapping Tool

New Features:

Supported Models:

No. Compute Node Mezzanine NIC Switch Module
1 CH121 V3 MZ110 CX110
2 CH121H V3 MZ111 CX111
3 CH121L V3 MZ220 CX116
4 CH140 V3 MZ310 CX210
5 CH140L V3 MZ311 CX220
6 CH220 V3 MZ312 CX310
7 CH222 V3 MZ510 CX311
8 CH225 V3 MZ512 CX312
9 CH226 V3 MZ520 CX317
10 CH242 V3 DDR4 MZ522 CX318
11 CH121 V5 MZ611 CX320
12 CH242 V5 MZ620 CX611
13 CH121L V5 MZ710 CX620
14 CH221 V5 MZ821 CX710
15 CH225 V5 MZ910 CX820
16   MZ912 CX910 V5
17     CX911 V5
18     CX912 V5
19     CX910 V8
20     CX911 V8
21     CX912 V8
22     CX916
23     CX920

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