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KVM via MM

1. This mode applies to the KVM and VMM.

2. Both the console for remote control and the server connect to the MM. All the data transmitted between the console and the server is relayed by the MM.

3. The remote virtual console depends on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If JRE has not been installed, download and install it. More information...

WarningPlease use the uMate inspection function to check the mapping between the blades, NICs, drivers, and firmware. Download uMate

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Alarm Severity Alarm Source Generated At Sensor Event Description Handling Suggestion Event Code
Major MM1 Thu Apr 26 17:48:37 2018 Slot12 Manage FRU communication lost View 0X2C07FFFF
Major Slot2 Thu Apr 26 17:44:31 2018 RAID Status Predictive Failure Detected View 0X0441FF17
Minor Slot10 Thu Apr 26 17:45:51 2018 RAID Status Predictive failure asserted View 0X0441FF17
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