FusionSphere To build an efficient, secure, converged, and open cloud platform

It features large clusters and resource pools and supports automatic management and elastic scaling for these resources. In terms of data security and reliability, it offers multiple DR plans, virtualization antivirus, and trusted computing by leveraging the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). It also centrally manages cloud and non-cloud resources in multiple data centers.It can be applied to one-stop private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions.It is developed based on the open-source OpenStack and has been certified by a wide range of hardware and software vendors. In addition, FusionSphere provides the standard open APIs and eSDK owing to the consistent support from strategic partners.



FusionAccess Enhanced security, high efficiency, and optimal experience

The Huawei FusionCloud Desktop Solution is an end-to-end virtual desktop solution.This solution deploys computing and storage resources (including CPUs, hard disks, and memory) in a cloud data center and converts the physical resources into virtual resources using virtualization technologies.Virtual machines of different specifications are created using the virtual resources and provisioned to users as required.

FusionInsight Optimized for agility, Smart, Trustworthy

Comprehensive, fully featured Big Data analytics platform with open architecture and APIs supporting batch processing, micro-batch processing, and real-time processing for flexible analysis and integration with enterprise data processing.Over one million dimensions in data modeling enable deep insights into user behaviors, helping enterprises to quickly make decisions and respond to market and business opportunities.Reliable, high-performance data processing with the reliability, stability, and security expected in enterprise-class applications and mission-critical financial systems.