Training Centers Worldwide
Over 700 full-time and 1,000 part-time instructors in more than 20 training centers worldwide, provide professional technical training services in multi-languages for customers.
Location Countries or Regions (Training Center)
HQ China
Asia Pacific (Except China) Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, India
Commonwealth of Independent States Russia
Europe Greece, UK, France
Middle East & North Africa Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan
South Africa Nigeria, Kenya
Latin America Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico
North America USA
HQ Training Center
  Covering 1,668,400 sq.ft, Labs over 75,350 sq.ft,113 classrooms
  Max. 2,000 trainees at the same time

Training Center

Main Building

Executive Training Center

BaiCao Garden
HQ Training Center
  Well equipped training labs over 3,000sq.ft
  About 106 classrooms

SA Training Center

LA Training Center

UK Training Center

MENA training center
Our Customers
About 190,000 customers from over 100 countries and regions including Vodafone, KPN , BT, FT, Orange, Telefonica, DT, TI ,O2, Singapore, Etisalat, Megafon, etc have been trained up till July, 2007.
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