Huawei Technical Support App,Mobile App Poluplar Products Making your concerns Clear Huawei Technical Support App,Mobile App helps you add products to favorites,customize your space,and search fro documents easily enables you to obtain documents of popular products by one-click covers most carrier product categories and keeps updates Product Documents and videos fully Ranged Huawei Technical Support Mobile App Collects Product documents available for mobile scenarios,providing reference anywhere anytime during deploymeng and maintenance Collects Product videos,helping you experience brand- new information obtaining Enables you to read,download ,comment,or favorite all content Huawei Technical Support Mobile App Convenience in Querying Commands,Alarms,and Boards Provides tools to help you query commands and alarms;enables you to enter a board number to query the board information Scanning Scan the bar code on a board to obtain the board information Offline reading Access document web pages you have accessed,even if the network is disconnected Feedback on documentation Rate and comment documents Language switchover switch language of the app easily to obtain both Chinese and English documents on the same app