Huawei libraries simplify file management.
Release Date: 11/15/2018
Size: 15.76MB
Version: V200R006C00SPC007
Applicable OS: WinXP/Win2003/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10
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Manages after-sales documents of Huawei products, and supports search, download, auto upgrade, and feedback. Collects links for commonly used after-sales services, such as command or alarm search and trouble ticket online submission. Provides download dedicated to Huawei documents, software, and tools. Resumable download and batch download are supported. Achieves quick search for files on the Support website or local computer. You can press Ctrl twice to display the search box for quick search.
HedEx Lite is a Huawei product documentation management tool that helps you browse, upgrade, manage, and search for Huawei product documentation. HedEx Lite is launched to manage Huawei documentation in a centralized manner. HedEx Lite allows you to conveniently obtain the latest Huawei documentation, upgrade product documentation online, and browse product documentation.
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