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SmartAX MA5623A

The SmartAX MA5623A Multi-service Access Module (MA5623A for short) is a box-shaped small-capacity optical network unit (ONU) launched by Huawei for high-speed copper line access.
The MA5623A applies in fiber to the building (FTTB) and fiber to the curb (FTTC) scenarios. It can also be used as a mini-digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM) to provide data and video services.
EOS: 2021-12-31 (Subject to EOX bulletins)
EOM: 2018-12-31 (Subject to EOX bulletins)
S1720&S2700&S5700&S6720 V200R010C00 例行维护 S1720&S2700&S5700&S6720 V200R009C00 例行维护 S2750EI&S5700&S6720EI V200R008C00 例行维护 S2750EI&S5700 V200R007(C00&C10) 例行维护 S2750EI&S5700 V200R006C00 例行维护 S2750&S5700&S6700 V200R005(C00&C01&C02&C03) 例行维护 S2750&S5700&S6700 V200R003(C00&C02&C10) 例行维护 查看更多 >>

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