EAR-affected software. Employees of Huawei and its subsidiaries are not allowed to download the software. For any questions, email

eNSP V100R002C00B390

Purpose Publication Date Status
Last Updated Validity Period Patch Attributes
Software Integrity
Huawei provides digital signature files in PGP or CMS format for manual and automatic verification of software package integrity, respectively. Download the digital signature file along with the software package. Before using the downloaded software package, use the signature file to verify the package integrity.
· Manual verification: Use PGPVerify or open-source software to perform verification. (For details, see OpenPGP Signature Verification Guide.)
· Automatic verification: Upload the NMS/deployment tool and the software package. The NMS/deployment tool performs verification.
Version and Patch Software
By downloading a software package, you agree to Huawei Enterprise Software License Agreement.
Software Name Size Publication Date Downloads Download software Manual Verification Signature File Automatic Verification Signature File
Please comply with applicable laws and regulations on the use, export, re-export, and transfer of software.
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Note: Install HedEx Lite before using the high-speed channel.