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FusionServer Pro X6800 Server iBMC (Earlier Than V250) User Guide 31

This document describes the underlying management software Intelligent Baseboard Management Controller (iBMC) of the servers.
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One-Click Information Collection

One-Click Information Collection

Table 2-65 One-click information collection
Directory Subdirectory File Name Description
- dump_log List of one-click information collection results.
dump_app_log List of collected App information.
Appdump Lcd Lcd_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
User User_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
HwScan HwScan_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
Led Led_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
LedInfo LED names and status.
DDNS DDNS_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
card_manage card_manage_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
card_info Mezzanine card information.
BMC BMC_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
fruinfo.txt Information about FRU electronic labels.
net_info.txt Information about network port configuration.
PowerMgnt PowerMgnt_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
UPGRADE UPGRADE_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
upgrade_info Upgrade information.
BIOS BIOS_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
bios_info BIOS configuration information.
ClpConfig0.ini BIOS configuration information.
ClpResponse0.ini BIOS configuration information.
options0.ini BIOS configuration information.
changed0.ini BIOS configuration information.
display0.ini BIOS configuration information.
diagnose diagnose_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
diagnose_info Port 80 information.
Snmp Snmp_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
cooling_app cooling_app_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
fan_info.txt Fan information.
CpuMem CpuMem_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
cpu_info CPU information.
mem_info Dual in-line memory module (DIMM) information.
kvm_vmm kvm_vmm_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
ipmi_app ipmi_app_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
Dft Dft_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
sensor_alarm sensor_alarm_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
sensor_info.txt Sensor list.
current_event.txt Current health events.
sel.tar Compressed package of current and historical system event logs (SELs).
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.md5 Integrity check code for original SELs.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.bak.md5 Integrity check code for the backup of original SELs.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.bak Information about the backed-up original SELs and check values of the current SELs.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin Original SEL information and check value of the current SELs.
sel.db Database information of the current SELs.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.tar.gz Compressed package of historical SELs.
MaintDebug MaintDebug_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
FileManage FileManage_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
Payload Payload_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
switch_card switch_card_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
phy_register_info Information about PHY registers.
port_adapter_info Information about port adapters.



Information about managed objects.
rimm rimm_dfl.log Information about managed objects.
dfm dfm.log Information about managed objects. and modules.



Framework debug logs.
3rdDump - error_log Apache error logs.
access_log Apache access logs.
httpd.conf Apache HTTP configuration file.
httpd-port.conf Apache HTTP port configuration file.
httpd-ssl.conf Apache HTTPS configuration file.
httpd-ssl-port.conf Apache HTTPS port configuration file.
httpd-ssl-protocol.conf Apache HTTPS protocol version configuration file.
CoreDump - core-* Memory core dump files.
RTOSDump sysinfo cmdline Kernel command line parameters.
cpuinfo CPU information.
devices Device information.
df_info Partition usage information.
diskstats Partition information.
filesystems File system information.
free_info Information about memory usage.
interrupts Information about interrupts.
ipcs_q Process queue information.
ipcs_q_detail Detailed process queue information.
ipcs_s Process semaphore information.
ipcs_s_detail Detailed process semaphore information.
loadavg System operating load information.
locks List of the files currently locked by the kernel.
meminfo Memory usage information.
modules Module loading list.
mtd Partition information.
partitions Partition information.

ps -elf

Displays the process information.

slabinfo Kernel memory management slab information.
stat CPU usage.

top -bn 1

Displays the current process running information.


uname -a

Displays the current kernel version.

uptime BMC system operating time.
version Real-time operating system (RTOS) version.
vmstat Virtual memory statistic information.
versioninfo ibmc_revision.txt Compilation node information.
app_revision.txt Version information.
build_date.txt Building events.
fruinfo.txt FRU electronic label information.
RTOS-Release RTOS version information.
RTOS-Revision RTOS version markup.
networkinfo ifconfig_info ifconfig information.
ipinfo_info IP configuration information.
_data_var_dhcp_dhclient.leases DHCP lease file.
dhclient.leases DHCP lease file.
dhclient6.leases DHCP lease file.
dhclient6_eth0.leases DHCP lease file.
dhclient6_eth1.leases DHCP lease file.
dhclient6_eth2.leases DHCP lease file.
dhclient.conf DHCP configuration file.
dhclient_ip.conf DHCP configuration file.
dhclient6.conf DHCP configuration file.
dhclient6_ip.conf DHCP configuration file.
resolv.conf DNS configuration file. BMC network configuration script.

netstat -a

Displays the current network ports and connection status.



Displays the current routing information.

services Service port information.
other_info extern.conf Log file configuration.
remotelog.conf Syslog configuration file.
ftp FTP service configuration.
ssh SSH service configuration.
sshd_config SSHD configuration file.
logrotate.status File recording the logrotate status.
login Login pam login rules.
vsftpd FTP pam login rules.
sshd SSH pam login rules.
sfcb CIM pam login rules.
datafs_log Data check log.
ntp.conf NTP service configuration.
driver_info dmesg_info dmesg information.
lsmod_info Information about loaded drivers.
kbox_info kbox information.
edma_drv_info Statistics of EDMA driver.
cdev_drv_info Statistics of character device driver.
veth_drv_info Statistics of virtual network card driver.
LogDump -



Application module debug logs.



Linux kernel logs.



MMIO and MMCFG configuration information about peripheral cards.



Fault diagnosis and management 2.0 log files.



Operation logs and SEL logs for Syslog test.



User operation log.



Security logs.



Strategy logs.



Fault diagnosis and management (FDM) log files.


Maintenance log.



IPMI module log.



IPMI module operation log.





App Debug log.



KVM module log.



Original register information reported by the BIOS.





Agentless driver log.

OSDump - systemcom.tar SOL serial port information.
img*.jpeg Image of the last screenshot.
*.rep Screen video file.
DeviceDump i2c_info *_info I2C device memory or storage area information.
Register - cpld_reg_info Complex programmable logical device (CPLD) register information.
OptPme pram filelist List of files in the /opt/pme/pram directory.
BIOS_FileName SMBIOS information.
BIOS_OptionFileName BIOS configuration information.
CpuMem_cpu_utilise Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
CpuMem_mem_utilise Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
cpu_utilise_webview.dat Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
env_web_view.dat Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
fsync_reg.ini File synchronization configuration file.
HwScan_EnvRecWave Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
lost+found Folder.
mdio_lock_file mdio file lock.
md_so_app_debug_log App debugging log.
md_so_app_debug_log.tar.gz App debugging log package.
md_so_ipmi_debug_log IPMI debugging log.
md_so_ipmi_debug_log.tar.gz IPMI debugging log package.
md_so_maintenance_log Maintenance log.
md_so_maintenance_log.tar.gz Maintenance log package.
md_so_mass_operate_log User operation log.
md_so_mass_operate_log.tar.gz User operation log package.
md_so_operate_log User operation log.
md_so_operate_log.md5 Integrity check code.
md_so_operate_log.tar.gz User operation log package.
md_so_strategy_log Policy log.
md_so_strategy_log.md5 Integrity check code.
md_so_strategy_log.tar.gz Policy log package.
memory_webview.dat Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
NetConfig_dhclient.conf DHCP configuration file.
NetConfig_dhclient.conf.md5 Integrity check code
NetConfig_dhclient_ip.conf DHCP configuration file.
NetConfig_dhclient_ip.conf.md5 Integrity check code.
per_config.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_config.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
per_config_permanent.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_config_permanent.ini.md5 Integrity check code
per_config_reset.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_config_reset.ini.bak BMC persistence configuration file.
per_config_reset.ini.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
per_config_reset.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
per_def_config.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_def_config.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
per_def_config_permanent.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_def_config_permanent.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
per_def_config_reset.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_def_config_reset.ini.bak BMC persistence configuration file.
per_def_config_reset.ini.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
per_def_config_reset.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
per_power_off.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_power_off.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
per_reset.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_reset.ini.bak BMC persistence configuration file.
per_reset.ini.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
per_reset.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
pflash_lock Flash file lock.
PowerMgnt_record Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
powerview.txt Power statistic file.
proc_queue Process queue ID folder.
ps_web_view.dat Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
sel.db SEL database.
sel_db_sync SEL database synchronization lock.
semid Process semaphore ID folder.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin Original SEL file.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.md5 Integrity check code.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.tar.gz Historical SEL package folder.
Snmp_snmpd.conf SNMP configuration file.
Snmp_snmpd.conf.md5 Integrity check code
up_cfg Upgrade configuration folder.
User_login Login pam login rules.
User_login.md5 Integrity check code.
User_sshd SSH pam login rules.
User_sshd.md5 Integrity check code.
User_vsftp FTP pam login rules.
User_vsftp.md5 Integrity check code.
eo.db SEL database.
save filelist List of files in the /opt/pme/pram directory.
BIOS_FileName SMBIOS information.
BMC_HOSTNAME.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
BMC_HOSTNAME.md5 Integrity check code.
CpuMem_cpu_utilise Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
CpuMem_mem_utilise Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
HwScan_EnvRecWave Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
md_so_operate_log.bak User operation log.
md_so_operate_log.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
md_so_operate_log.md5 Integrity check code.
md_so_strategy_log.bak Policy log.
md_so_strategy_log.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
md_so_strategy_log.md5 Integrity check code.
NetConfig_dhclient.conf.bak DHCP configuration file.
NetConfig_dhclient.conf.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
NetConfig_dhclient.conf.md5 Integrity check code.
NetConfig_dhclient_ip.conf.bak DHCP configuration file.
NetConfig_dhclient_ip.conf.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
NetConfig_dhclient_ip.conf.md5 Integrity check code.
per_config.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_config.ini.bak BMC persistence configuration file.
per_config.ini.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
per_config.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
per_def_config.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_def_config.ini.bak BMC persistence configuration file.
per_def_config.ini.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
per_def_config.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
per_power_off.ini BMC persistence configuration file.
per_power_off.ini.bak BMC persistence configuration file.
per_power_off.ini.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
per_power_off.ini.md5 Integrity check code.
PowerMgnt_record Information about the operating status of the managed objects.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin Original SEL file.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.bak Original SEL file.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.md5 Integrity check code.
sensor_alarm_sel.bin.tar.gz Historical SEL package.
Snmp_snmpd.conf.bak SNMP configuration file.
Snmp_snmpd.conf.bak.md5 Integrity check code.
Snmp_snmpd.conf.md5 Integrity check code.
eo.db SEL database.
eo.db.md5 Integrity check code.
eo.db_backup SEL database.
eo.db.md5_backup Integrity check code.
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