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ES3000 V3 NVMe PCIe SSD User Guide 20

This document provides the product information about the Huawei ES3000 V3 PCIe SSD (ES3000 V3 for short) and describes how to install, configure, operate, and maintain the ES3000 V3.
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Huawei uses machine translation combined with human proofreading to translate this document to different languages in order to help you better understand the content of this document. Note: Even the most advanced machine translation cannot match the quality of professional translators. Huawei shall not bear any responsibility for translation accuracy and it is recommended that you refer to the English document (a link for which has been provided).
SMART Properties

SMART Properties

The ES3000 V3 supports the same SMART properties as the NVMe 1.2 protocol. Table A-1 lists the SMART properties.

Table A-1  SMART properties (log identifier 02h)
Bytes Description
0 Critical Warning: This domain indicates a critical warning about the controller status. Critical warnings are returned to the host through asynchronous events.
Bit Description
0 Value 1 indicates that the redundant space is smaller than the threshold.
1 Value 1 indicates that the temperature is higher or lower than a critical threshold.
2 Value 1 indicates that the component reliability is reduced due to a critical media error.
3 Value 1 indicates that the media is read-only.
4 Value 1 indicates that the non-volatile component of the controller fails. This domain is valid only when the controller is integrated with a non-volatile component.
7:5 Reserved
2:1 Temperature: indicates the overall component temperature in unit of Kelvin. An asynchronous event is reported to the host when the temperature exceeds the threshold.
3 Available Spare: indicates the percentage (0 to 100%) of the available redundant space.
4 Available Spare Threshold: indicates the threshold of the available redundant space. An asynchronous event is reported to the host when the available redundant space is smaller than the threshold.
5 Percentage Used: indicates the ratio of the used life to the preset life. 100 indicates that the component has reached the preset life, but may still function properly. The value can be greater than 100. The value is always set to 255 if it is greater than 254.
31:6 Reserved
47:32 Data Units Read: indicates the number of 512-byte sectors read from the controller by the host. 1 indicates that the host has read 1000 512-byte sectors, which do not include metadata. If an LBA is not 512 bytes, the controller converts it into 512-byte sectors (hexadecimal) for calculation.
63:48 Data Units Written: indicates the number of 512-byte sectors read into the controller by the host. 1 indicates that the host has written 1000 512-byte sectors, which do not include metadata. If an LBA is not 512 bytes, the controller converts it into 512-byte sectors (hexadecimal) for calculation.
79:64 Host Read Commands: indicates the number of read commands sent to the controller.
95:80 Host Write Commands: indicates the number of write commands sent to the controller.
111:96 Controller Busy Time indicates the busy period when the controller processes I/O commands. The controller is busy from command delivery (to the SQ) to the response (to the CQ). The value is in unit of minute.
127:112 Power Cycles: indicates the number of power cycles (power-on and -off).
143:128 Power On Hours: indicates the number of power-on hours, excluding the sleeping time.
159:144 Unsafe Shutdowns: indicates the number of abnormal power-offs. The value is increased by 1 if CC.SHN is not received after an abnormal power-off.
175:160 Media Errors: indicates the number of unrecoverable data integrity errors detected by the controller, including incorrigible error-correcting code (ECC) errors, cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors, and LBA tag errors.
191:176 Number of Error Information Log Entries: indicates the number of error log entries during the controller life cycle.
195:192 Warning Composite Temperature Time (not supported)
199:196 Critical Composite Temperature Time (not supported)
201:200 Temperature Sensor 1: indicates the value detected by temperature sensor 1. Unit: Kelvin.
203:202 Temperature Sensor 2: indicates the value detected by temperature sensor 2. Unit: Kelvin.
205:204 Temperature Sensor 3: indicates the value detected by temperature sensor 3. Unit: Kelvin.
207:206 Temperature Sensor 4: indicates the value detected by temperature sensor 4. Unit: Kelvin.
209:208 Temperature Sensor 5: indicates the value detected by temperature sensor 5. Unit: Kelvin.
211:210 Temperature Sensor 6: indicates the value detected by temperature sensor 6. Unit: Kelvin.
213:212 Temperature Sensor 7: indicates the value detected by temperature sensor 7. Unit: Kelvin.
215:214 Temperature Sensor 8: indicates the value detected by temperature sensor 8. Unit: Kelvin.
511:216 Reserved
Table A-2  Customized SMART properties (log identifier C0h)
Bytes Description
1:0 Buck converter voltage. Unit: V
3:2 Current power consumption. Unit: W
5:4 Highest power consumption recorded. Unit: W
7:6 Highest SSD temperature recorded. Unit: Kelvin
9:8 Number of SSD overtemperature occurrences
13:10 Period of SSD overtemperature. Unit: minute
15:14 Highest controller temperature recorded. Unit: Kelvin
17:16 Number of controller overtemperature occurrences
21:18 Period of controller overtemperature. Unit: minute
23:22 Capacitor's capacity. Unit: F
25:24 Capacitor's voltage. Unit: V
27:26 Number of discharge/charge cycles of the capacitor
28 Capacitor health status
Value Description
0h The capacitor is working properly
1h The capacitor has failed
FFh~2h Reserved
29 Reserved
33:30 PCIe refclock PLL lock loss count
37:34 CRC error count of PCIe port 0
41:38 Reserved
45:42 E2E validation failure count of the controller
47:46 Number of failed CEs
51:48 Total number of blocks
55:52 Total number of bad blocks
59:56 Number of new bad blocks
63:60 Total number of pages
71:64 Loss capacity size
75:72 Number of FTL table rebuilds due to power outage
79:76 Number of deep rebuilds of the FTL table
95:80 Number of read failures
111:96 Number of read operations
127:112 Reserved
143:128 Number of write failures
159:144 Number of write failures
175:160 Reserved
191:176 Number of erase failures
207:192 Number of erase operations
215:208 Reserved
223:216 GC read count
231:224 BS read count
235:232 Disk voltage (unit: mV)
239:236 Reserved
255:240 Reserved
271:256 Reserved
287:272 Number of FLASH RR failures
303:288 Number of FLASH RR operations
319:304 Reserved
335:320 Number of UNC errors found during background inspections
351:336 Reserved
367:352 Background inspection data volume (unit: GB)
383:368 Number of UNC errors recorded in the pending list
399:384 Reserved
415:400 Reserved
419:416 Deep rebuild flag
423:420 Reserved
427:424 Before-delivery bad block count 1
431:428 Before-delivery bad block count 2
435:432 Number of bad programming blocks
439:436 Number of bad erase blocks
443:440 Number of UNC bad blocks
447:444 Number of DIE bad blocks
451:448 Number of DDR single-bit ECC errors
459:452 I/O write count
463:460 I/O write failure count
471:464 GC write count
475:472 GC write failure count
483:476 Read correction count 1
491:484 Read correction count 2
499:492 Read correction count 3
507:500 Read correction count 4
515:508 Read correction count 5
519:516 Read correction count 6
527:520 GC read data volume (unit: GB)
531:528 Forcible data migration count
535:532 Memory error count
539:536 Free Block Num 1
543:540 Free Block Num 2
547:544 Free Block Num 3
551:548 Free Block Num 4
555:552 Free Block Num 5
559:556 Free Block Num 6
563:560 Free Block Num 7
567:564 Free Block Num 8
571:568 Average erase count
575:572 Maximum erase count
583:576 Read correction count 7
587:584 Current system time in seconds (number of seconds elapsed since January 1, 1970)
595:588 Firmware version information 1
603:596 Firmware version information 2
635:604 Firmware compilation time
643:636 Detailed alarm 1
Bit Description
0 Firmware bootloader error
1 Storage firmware failure
2 BBU check exception
3 BBU check exception
4 Insufficient available space
5 Lifespan alarm
6 Temperature alarm
7 Storage unit failure
63:8 Reserved
651:644 Detailed alarm 2
Bit Description
0 Quick formatting failure (Secure Erase Settings=0)
1 Secure formatting failure (Secure Erase Settings=1)
2 Rebuild failure 1
3 Rebuild failure 2
4 Rebuild failure 3
5 Rebuild failure 4
6 Rebuild failure 5
7 Power-on check failure 1
8 Power-on check failure 2
9 Power-on check failure 3
10 Power-on check failure 4
11 Internal error 1
12 Internal error 2
13 Internal error 3
14 Internal error 4
15 BBU check exception
16 Reserved
17 Internal error 5
18 Internal error 6
19 Internal error 7
20 Internal error 8
21 Internal error 9
22 Internal error 10
23 Internal error 11
24 Internal error 12
25 Rebuild failure 6
26 Internal error 13
27 Internal error 14
28 BBU inspection exception
29 I/O read failure
30 I/O write failure
31 Firmware bootloader error
32 Storage firmware failure
33 Deep rebuild is complete and enter the read-only mode
63:34 Reserved
659:652 Alarm historical value: bit definition same as that of 643:636
667:660 Exception historical value: bit definition same as that of 651:644
671:668 Port 0 cold reset count
675:672 Reserved
679:676 Port 0 warm reset count
683:680 Reserved
687:684 Port 0 hot reset count
691:688 Reserved
695:692 Port 0 function reset count
699:696 Reserved
703:700 Port 0 subsystem reset count
707:704 Reserved
711:708 Port 0 controller reset count
715:712 Reserved
719:716 Port 0 symbol unlock count
723:720 Reserved
727:724 Current power consumption level
731:728 Health of each slot firmware
Bit Description
0 Reserved
1 Firmware health of slot 1
2 Firmware health of slot 2
3 Firmware health of slot 3
31:4 Reserved
Table A-3  Customized SMART properties (Log Identifier CAh)
Bytes Description
0 Program Fail Count
2:1 Reserved
3 Normalized Value (Program Fail)
4 Reserved
10:5 Current Raw Value (Program Fail)
11 Reserved
12 Erase_Fail_Count
14:13 Reserved
15 Normalized Value (Erase_Fail_Count)
16 Reserved
22:17 Current Raw Value (Erase_Fail_Count)
23 Reserved
24 Wear Leveling Count
26:25 Reserved
27 Normalized Value (Wear Leveling)
28 Reserved
34:29 Current Raw Value (Wear Leveling)
35 Reserved
36 End To End Error Detection Count
38:37 Reserved
39 Normalized Value (End To End Error Detection)
40 Reserved
46:41 Current Raw Value (End To End Error Detection)
47 Reserved
48 CRC Error Count
50:49 Reserved
51 Normalized Value (CRC Error)
52 Reserved
58:53 Current Raw Value (CRC Error)
59 Reserved
60 Timed Workload Media Wear Count
62:61 Reserved
63 Normalized Value (Timed Workload Media Wear)
64 Reserved
70:65 Current Raw Value (Timed Workload Media Wear)
71 Reserved
72 Timed Workload Host Reads Count
74:73 Reserved
75 Normalized Value (Timed Workload Host Reads)
76 Reserved
82:77 Current Raw Value (Timed Workload Host Reads)
83 Reserved
84 Timed Workload Timer Count
86:85 Reserved
87 Normalized Value (Timed Workload Timer)
88 Reserved
94:89 Current Raw Value (Timed Workload Timer)
95 Reserved
96 Thermal Throttle Status Count
98:97 Reserved
99 Normalized Value (Thermal Throttle Status)
100 Reserved
106:101 Current Raw Value (Thermal Throttle Status)
107 Reserved
108 Retry Buffer Overflow Count
110:109 Reserved
111 Normalized Value (Retry Buffer Overflow)
112 Reserved
118:113 Current Raw Value (Retry Buffer Overflow)
119 Reserved
120 Pll Lock Loss Count
122:121 Reserved
123 Normalized Value (Pll Lock Loss)
124 Reserved
130:125 Current Raw Value (Pll Lock Loss)
131 Reserved
132 Nand Bytes Written Count
134:133 Reserved
135 Normalized Value (Nand Bytes Written)
136 Reserved
142:137 Current Raw Value (Nand Bytes Written)
143 Reserved
144 Host Bytes Written Count
146:145 Reserved
147 Normalized Value (Host Bytes Written)
148 Reserved
154:149 Current Raw Value (Host Bytes Written)
155 Reserved
Updated: 2019-03-12

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