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FusionServer Tools 2.0 uREST User Guide 16
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Huawei uses machine translation combined with human proofreading to translate this document to different languages in order to help you better understand the content of this document. Note: Even the most advanced machine translation cannot match the quality of professional translators. Huawei shall not bear any responsibility for translation accuracy and it is recommended that you refer to the English document (a link for which has been provided).
Installing uREST tool (Windows)

Installing uREST tool (Windows)


The uREST tool does not need to be installed and can be used directly after being decompressed. This section uses Windows 7 as an example to describe how to install the uREST tool on the Windows OS.


  • You have uploaded the uREST tool software package (such as to the client OS.
  • Check whether the OS supports the installation of uREST tool. For details, see Table 1-3.
  • Check whether uREST tool supports the target server. For details, see Table 1-1.


  1. Log in to the client OS.
  2. (Optional) Download and install the iBMA and enable the iBMA service by referring to the iBMA 2.0 User Guide.

    If uRest is used in in-band mode, you must install the iBMA on the in-band OS and enable the iBMA service. If uRest is used in out-of-band mode, you must install the iBMA on the in-band OS and enable the iBMA service when obtaining the information about the upgradable firmware, upgradable drivers, and physical drives on the in-band OS, upgrading in-band drivers, and setting the physical drive information. Download and install the iBMA and enable the iBMA service by referring to the iBMA 2.0 User Guide.

  3. Go to the directory where the uREST tool software package is stored.
  4. Decompress the uREST tool software package.

    The uREST-Windows-V122 folder is obtained.

  5. Open the CLI, and go to the bin/ directory of uREST tool.

    D:\>cd urest\uREST-Windows-V122\bin 

  6. Query the uREST tool help information.

    You can directly use uREST tool after entering the bin/ directory. After setting environment variables, you can use the uREST tool in any directory. For details, see How Do I Run the uRest Command in Any Path of the Environment?.

    D:\urest\uREST-Windows-V122\bin>Urest.bat -h
    usage: urest [-h] [-V] [--error-code] -H HOST [-p PORT] -U USERNAME -P
                 PASSWORD [--timeout=TIMEOUT]
                 sub command ...
    urest version 122
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help                  show this help message and exit
      -V, --version               show program's version number and exit
      --error-code                exit code. When an error occurs, the exit code
                                  is not 0.
      -H HOST                     domain name, IPv4 address, or [IPv6 address]
      -p PORT                     port
      -U USERNAME                 local or LDAP username
      -P PASSWORD                 password
      --timeout=TIMEOUT           timeout interval (seconds) for requesting the
                                  iBMC Redfish interface [default=10]. Upgrade
                                  commands [default=30] / File commands
                                  [default=120]. Other different timeouts are
                                  explained in the specific commands.
    sub commands:
      sub command                 sub-command help
        addcsr                    generate certificate signing request
        addeventsubs              create event subscription
        addspcfg                  create SP service config
        addspdiagnose             create a diagnostic configuration for the Smart
                                  Provisioning service.
        addspdriveerasetask       create Smart Provisioning hard drive erasing
                                  task config.
        adduser                   add user
        addvdisk                  create virtual disk
        clrsel                    clear SEL record
        collectsel                get SEL information
        config                    export or import BIOS and iBMC configuration
        connectvmm                connect or disconnect virtual media
        connectvusb               connect or disconnect virtual USB flash drive
        del2factorcert            delete two factor certificate
        deleventsubs              delete event subscription
        delsession                delete a specified session
        delspcfg                  delete SP service
        delsshkey                 delete SSH public key
        deluser                   delete user
        delvdisk                  delete virtual disk
        enableldap                enable or disable ldap
        exportcsr                 export certificate signing request
        frupowerctrl              FRU power control
        get2factorcert            get two factor certificate
        getbios                   get BIOS setup information
        getbiosdetails            get BIOS details
        getcpu                    get processor information
        getcsr                    get certificate signing request
        getdiaginfo               get diagnosis information
        getdns                    get DNS information
        getdriver                 get OS drivers that can be upgraded
        geteventsubs              get event subscription
        getfan                    get fan information
        getfw                     get firmware that can be upgraded
        gethealthevents           get health events
        getip                     get IP information
        getkvm                    get KVM information
        getldap                   get LDAP information
        getlicenseinfo            get license information
        getloginrule              get login rule
        getmemory                 get memory information
        getnetport                get iBMC management network port information
        getnetsvc                 get network protocol information
        getntp                    get network time protocol information
        getosfw                   get OS firmware that can be upgraded
        getosinfo                 get operating system information
        getpasswordpolicy         get iBMC password complexity check information
        getpdisk                  get physical disk information
        getpowerlimit             get power limit
        getpowerredun             get power redundancy
        getproductinfo            get product information
        getpsu                    get power supply unit information
        getraid                   get RAID information
        getrole                   get role information
        getsd                     get SD controller information
        getsel                    get SEL record
        getsession                get session information
        getspcfg                  get SP service information
        getspdiagnose             obtain SP diagnosis information.
        getspdriveerasetask       obtain Smart Provisioning hard drive erasing
                                  task config.
        getspfilelist             get SP service file list information
        getsphw                   get SP hardware information
        getspinfo                 get SP service information
        getspresult               get SP result information
        getssdcard                get PCIe SSD card information
        getsslcert                get SSL certificate
        getsslpubkey              get SSH public key
        getstatless               get stateless computation information
        getsysboot                get system boot information
        getsyseth                 get all system ethernet information
        getsyshealth              get system health state
        getsyslogcert             get syslog certificate
        getsysperf                get system performance information
        gettemp                   get temperature information
        gettime                   get system time
        getuser                   get user information
        getvlan                   get VLAN information
        getvmm                    get virtual media information
        getvnc                    get VNC information
        getvolt                   get voltage information
        getvusb                   get virtual USB flash drive information
        import2factorcert         import two factor certificate
        importldapcert            import LDAP certificate
        importntpkey              import network time protocol secure group key
        importsshpubkey           import SSH public key
        importsslcert             import SSL certificate
        importsyslogcert          import syslog certificate
        installlicense            install license
        request                   common interface request
        resetbmc                  reset iBMC
        resetraid                 reset RAID controller
        restorebios               restore BIOS setup defaults
        restorefactory            restore iBMC factory settings.
        restoreraid               restore RAID controller
        rollbackbmc               roll back iBMC
        setadaptiveport           set self-adaptive port
        setbios                   set BIOS setup attributes
        setdns                    set DNS information
        setfan                    set fan information
        setipv4                   set IPv4 information of the iBMC network port
        setipv6                   set IPv6 information of the iBMC network port
        setipversion              set IP version
        setkvm                    set KVM information
        setldap                   set LDAP controller information
        setldapgroup              set LDAP group information
        setloginrule              set login rule
        setnetmode                set network port mode
        setnetport                set the management network port
        setnetsvc                 set network service
        setntp                    set network time protocol information
        setpasswordpolicy         set iBMC password complexity
        setpdisk                  set physical disk information
        setpowerlimit             set power limit
        setpowerredun             set power redundancy
        setproductinfo            set product information
        setprotocol               set uREST to support communication with iBMC in
                                  IPv4 mode.
        setpwd                    set password
        setraid                   set RAID controller
        setrole                   set custom role
        setspinfo                 set SP service information
        setstatless               set stateless computation information
        setsysboot                set system boot information
        setsysperf                set system performance information
        settimezone               set time zone
        setuserrole               assign a role for a user
        setvdisk                  set virtual disk information
        setvlan                   set VLAN information
        setvmm                    set virtual media information
        setvnc                    set VNC information
        syspowerctrl              system power control
        upgradedriver             upgrade driver
        upgradefw                 upgrade firmware
        upgradesp                 upgrade SP

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