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Command Reference

OceanStor 18000 and 18000F V5 Series V500R007

This document is applicable to OceanStor 18500 V5, 18800 V5, 18500F V5, and 18800F V5. Based on the CLI provided by DeviceManager, this document describes how to use various commands classified by functions and how to set the CLI and manage the storage system through these commands. The document that you browse online matches the latest C version of the product. Click Download to download documents of other C versions.
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show file_system general

show file_system general


The show file_system general command is used to query details about file systems.


show file_system general [ file_system_id=? ]






Indicates the file system ID.

To obtain the value, run the "show file_system general" command without parameters.



Usage Guidelines

  • Before running this command, check that you have selected the correct file system.
  • You must enter the file system ID.


  • Query brief information about all the file systems.
    admin:/>show file_system general 
      ID  Name       Pool ID  Smart Cache Partition ID  Cache Partition ID  Health Status  Running Status  Capacity  Type  Available Capacity  Snapshot Used Capacity  Sub Type  Vstore ID  Application Scenario  Clone 
      --  ---------  -------  ------------------------  ------------------  -------------  --------------  --------  ----  ------------------  ----------------------  --------  ---------  --------------------  ----- 
      0 fs         0        --                        --                  Normal         Online          16.000PB  Thin             1.981TB                36.000KB  Normal --         User Defined          No      
      1 fs_clone 0        --                        --                  Normal         Online          16.000PB  Thin             1.980TB                  0.000B  Normal --         User Defined          No      
      3 fs_clone2  0        --                        --                  Normal         Online          16.000PB  Thin             1.980TB                  0.000B  Normal --         User Defined          Yes
  • Query details about a specific file system.
    admin:/>show file_system general file_system_id=0 
    ID : 0  
    Name : FileSystem1438915680Pool390000 
    Pool ID : 39  
    Smart Cache Partition ID : --  
    Cache Partition ID : --  
    Initial Distribute Policy : Automatic  
    Health Status : Normal  
    Running Status : Online  
    Capacity : 11.000GB  
    Description :  
    Type : Thin  
    Snapshot Reserve(%) : 20  
    Owner Controller : 0A  
    Work Controller : 0A  
    IO Priority : Low  
    Block Size : 8.000KB  
    Checksum Enabled : Yes  
    Atime Enabled : No  
    Show Snapshot Directory Enabled : Yes  
    Available Capacity : 8.432GB  
    Capacity Threshold(%) : 90  
    Auto Delete Snapshot Enabled : No  
    Snapshot Used Capacity : 0.000B  
    Timing Snapshot Max Number : 16  
    Snapshot Reserve Capacity : 2.199GB  
    Timing Snapshot Enabled : No  
    Timing Snapshot Schedule ID : --  
    Snapshot Background Freeing Capacity : --  
    Used Capacity Ratio(%) : 0  
    Dedup Enabled : Yes  
    Byte_by_byte Comparison Enabled : No  
    Compression Enabled : Yes  
    Compression Method : Fast  
    Dedup Saved Capacity : 0.000B  
    Dedup Saved Ratio(%) : 0  
    Compression Saved Capacity : 0.000B  
    Compression Saved Ratio(%) : 0  
    Total Saved Capacity : 0.000B  
    Total Saved Ratio(%) : 0  
    Smart Cache Cached Size : 0.000B  
    Smart Cache Hit Rage(%) : 0  
    Sub Type : Normal  
    Remote Replication ID(s) : --  
    Intelligent Dedup Enabled : Yes  
    Dedup Running Status : Yes  
    Traverse Dir Adapter : Yes 
    Dedup MetaData Sample Ratio : 1 
    Isolate Enable : Yes 
    Vstore ID : 1 
    Application Scenario : Database 
    Hyper Metro Pair ID(s) : -- 
    Hyper Vault Pair ID(s): -- 
    Clone          : No           
    Clone Parent      : --           
    Clone Children Number : 1            
    Clone Split Speed : --           
    Clone Split Status : --           
    Clone Split Progress(%): -- 
    Dedup Checksum Enabled : Yes 
    Space Self Adjustment Mode: Grow 
    Auto Size Enable: Yes 
    Auto Shrink Threshold Percent(%): 50 
    Auto Grow Threshold Percent(%): 85 
    Minimum Auto Size: 20GB 
    Maximum Auto Size: 100GB 
    Auto Size Increment: 10GB 
    Space Recycle Mode: Autosize First 
    Allocated Capacity: 3GB 
    Alternate Data Streams Enabled: Yes  
    Support File System Tier: Yes 
    SSD Capacity Upper Limit Of User Data: 5.000GB 
    Used SSD Capacity By User Data: 1.000GB 
    Prefetch Policy: Constant 
    Prefetch Value:  64KB 
    Read Write Status: Read Only 
    Long Filename Enabled: Yes 
    Security Style: Mixed 
    Background Dedup Enabled: No 
    Background Compression Enabled: No

System Response

The following table describes the parameter meanings.




File system ID.


File system name.

Pool ID

Storage pool ID.

Smart Cache Partition ID

Smart cache partition ID.

Cache Partition ID

Cache partition ID.

Initial Distribute Policy

Initial distribution policy.

Health Status

Health status.

Running Status

Running status.


Total capacity of the file system.


Description of the file system.


Type of the file system.

Snapshot Reserve(%)

Proportion of space reserved for snapshots.

Owner Controller

Owning controller.

Work Controller

Working controller.

IO Priority

I/O priority.

Block Size

Block size.

Checksum Enabled

Whether the checksum function is enabled.

Atime Enabled

Whether the Atime function is enabled.

Show Snapshot Directory Enabled

Whether to show the snapshot directory.

Available Capacity

Available capacity.

Capacity Threshold(%)

Capacity alarm threshold.

Auto Delete Snapshot Enabled

Indicates whether the function of deleting timing snapshots is enabled.

Snapshot Used Capacity

Capacity occupied by snapshots.

Timing Snapshot Max Number

Maximum number of timing snapshots.

Snapshot Reserve Capacity

Reserved capacity for snapshots.

Timing Snapshot Enabled

Whether the timing snapshot function is enabled.

Timing Snapshot Schedule ID

ID of the timing snapshot policy.

Snapshot Background Freeing Capacity

File system capacity that is being recycled in the background.

Used Capacity Ratio(%)

Proportion of consumed capacity in the file system.

Dedup Enabled

Whether the deduplication function is enabled.

Byte_by_byte Comparison Enabled

Whether the byte-by-byte comparison function is enabled.

Compression Enabled

Whether the compression function is enabled.

Compression Method

Compression method.

Dedup Saved Capacity

Capacity saved by deduplication.

Dedup Saved Ratio(%)

Proportion of the capacity saved by deduplication out of the capacity consumed by the system.

Compression Saved Capacity

Capacity saved by compression.

Compression Saved Ratio(%)

Proportion of the capacity saved by compression out of the capacity consumed by the system.

Total Saved Capacity

Total capacity saved by deduplication and compression.

Total Saved Ratio(%)

Proportion of the capacity saved by deduplication and compression out of the capacity consumed by the system.

Smart Cache Cached Size

Cached capacity of the file system in smart cache.

Smart Cache Hit Rage(%)

Read hit proportion of the file system in smart cache.

Sub Type

Sub-type of the file system.

Remote Replication ID(s)

Remote replication ID.

Intelligent Dedup Enabled

Whether the intelligent deduplication function is enabled.

Dedup Running Status

Running status of the deduplication function.

Traverse Dir Adapter

Traverse directory with 32 bits.

Dedup MetaData Sample Ratio

Deduplication metadata sample ratio.

Isolate Enable

Whether the file system isolation function is enabled.

Vstore ID

ID of a vStore.

Application Scenario

Application scenario of the file system.

Hyper Metro Pair ID(s)

HyperMetro pair ID.

Hyper Vault Pair ID(s)

HyperVault ID.


Whether the file system is a clone file system.

Clone Parent

Name of the parent file system of a clone file system.

Clone Children Number

Number of clone file systems.

Clone Split Speed

Split speed of a clone file system.

Clone Split Status

Split status of a clone file system.

Clone Split Progress(%)

Split progress of a clone file system.

Dedup Checksum Enabled

Indicates whether to enable the deduplication verification function.

Auto Size Enable

Switch of automatic capacity adjustment.

Auto Shrink Threshold Percent(%)

Percentage threshold that triggers the automatic reduction.

Space Self Adjustment Mode

Automatic capacity adjustment mode.

Auto Grow Threshold Percent(%)

Percentage threshold that triggers the automatic expansion.

Minimum Auto Size

Lower limit of the automatic reduction.

Maximum Auto Size

Upper limit of the automatic expansion.

Auto Size Increment

Capacity change of a single expansion/reduction.

Space Recycle Mode

Capacity recycle mode.

Allocated Capacity

Capacity that a file system has applied for.

Support File System Tier

Whether to support the Auto Tiering feature.

SSD Capacity Upper Limit Of User Data

SSD capacity upper limit of user data.

Alternate Data Streams Enabled

Whether the alternate data streams function is enabled.

Used SSD Capacity By User Data

Used SSD capacity by user data.

Prefetch Policy

Cache prefetch policy.

Prefetch Value

Cache prefetch value.

Read Write Status

File system read and write status.

Long Filename Enabled

Indicates whether to enable the long file name function.

Security Style

Security style supported by a file system.

Background Dedup Enabled

Indicates whether to enable the background deduplication function.

Background Compression Enabled

Indicates whether to enable the background compression function.

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