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NE40E V800R010C10SPC500 Configuration Guide - QoS 01

This is NE40E V800R010C10SPC500 Configuration Guide - QoS

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Configuring User Priority Mapping in a Domain

Configuring User Priority Mapping in a Domain

You need to configure the mappings among the user priority, CoS, and color to implement QoS on packets in a domain.


You can configure the desired priorities for online users. To perform traffic scheduling according to the user priority, you can configure user priority mapping in a domain. After a user in this domain goes online, the priority of the user is mapped to the internal CoS of the device according to the configured mapping relationship.

Perform the following steps on the router:


  1. Run system-view

    The system view is displayed.

  2. Run aaa

    The AAA view is displayed.

  3. Run domain domain-name

    The AAA domain view is displayed.

  4. Run user-priority { upstream | downstream } { priority | trust-8021p-inner | trust-8021p-outer | trust-dscp-outer | trust-dscp-inner | trust-exp-inner | trust-exp-outer | unchangeable }

    The user priority is configured.

    The methods for configuring user priorities are as follows:

    • Directly specifying the user priority, which ranges from 0 to 7
    • Using the internal or external 802.1p value of Layer 2 packets of the user as the user priority (not applicable to packets sent from the network side to the user side)
    • Using the DSCP value of user packets as the user priority
    • Using the EXP value of MPLS packets as the user priority

  5. Run diffserv domain ds-domain-name [ domain-id domain-id ]

    A DS domain is defined and the DS domain view is displayed.

  6. (Optional) Run user-priority priority phb service-class [ color ]

    Priority mapping is configured for users in a domain.

    Before configuring the user priority mapping by running the user-priority phb command, you must specify the user priority that needs to be mapped by running the user-priority command in the AAA domain. Otherwise, the mapping does not take effect.

    If the CoS is CS6, CS7, EF or BE, packets can be marked only in green.

    Table 5-11 Default mapping between user priorities and CoSs

    User Priority



























  7. Run quit

    Return to the system view.

  8. Run aaa

    The AAA view is displayed.

  9. Run domain domain-name

    The AAA domain view is displayed.

  10. To configure priority mapping for IP packets, MPLS packets, and multicast packets of a domain, run the trust upstream ds-domain-name command to enable simple traffic classification in the domain.
  11. (Optional) Run qos phb { dscp | inner-8021p | outer-8021p | mpls-exp } disable

    PHB for specific priorities of downstream packets in an AAA domain is disabled.

  12. (Optional) Configure the function to redirect enterprise users to a specified BA classification domain.
    1. Run quit

      Return to the system view.

    2. Run dhcp option option-code include option-include redirect ds-domain enable

      The function to redirect enterprise users to a specified BA classification domain is enabled.

    3. Run aaa

      The AAA view is displayed.

    4. Run domain domain-name

      The AAA domain view is displayed.

    5. Run redirect ds-domain ds-domain-name

      The function to redirect enterprise users in a DS domain to a specified BA classification domain is enabled.

  13. Run commit

    The configuration is committed.

Checking the Configurations

Run the following commands to check the previous configuration.

  • Run the display diffserv domain [ ds-domain-name ] [ 8021p | atm | dscp | exp ] [ inbound | outbound ] command to display the configurations of a DS domain.
  • Run the display diffserv domain application [ ds-domain-name ] command to display the interface list applied to a DS domain.
# Run the display diffserv domain default command to display the configurations in default DS domain.
<HUAWEI> display diffserv domain default
Diffserv domain name:default                                                    
8021p-inbound 0 phb be green                                                    
8021p-inbound 1 phb af1 green                                                   
8021p-inbound 2 phb af2 green                                                   
8021p-inbound 3 phb af3 green                                                   
8021p-inbound 4 phb af4 green                                                   
8021p-inbound 5 phb ef green                                                    
8021p-inbound 6 phb cs6 green                                                   
8021p-inbound 7 phb cs7 green                                                   
8021p-outbound be green map 0                                                   
8021p-outbound be yellow map 0                                                  
8021p-outbound be red map 0                                                     
8021p-outbound af1 green map 1                                                  
8021p-outbound af1 yellow map 1                                                 
8021p-outbound af1 red map 1                                                    
8021p-outbound af2 green map 2                                                  
8021p-outbound af2 yellow map 2                                                 
8021p-outbound af2 red map 2                                                    
8021p-outbound af3 green map 3                                                  
8021p-outbound af3 yellow map 3                                                 
8021p-outbound af3 red map 3                                                    
8021p-outbound af4 green map 4                                                  
8021p-outbound af4 yellow map 4                                                 
8021p-outbound af4 red map 4                                                    
8021p-outbound ef green map 5                                                   
8021p-outbound ef yellow map 5                                                  
8021p-outbound ef red map 5                                                     
8021p-outbound cs6 green map 6                                                  
8021p-outbound cs6 yellow map 6                                                 
8021p-outbound cs6 red map 6                                                    
8021p-outbound cs7 green map 7                                                  
8021p-outbound cs7 yellow map 7                                                 
8021p-outbound cs7 red map 7                                                    
ip-dscp-inbound 0 phb be green                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 1 phb be green                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 2 phb be green                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 3 phb be green                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 4 phb be green                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 5 phb be green                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 6 phb be green                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 7 phb be green                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 8 phb af1 green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 9 phb be green                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 10 phb af1 green                                                
ip-dscp-inbound 11 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 12 phb af1 yellow                                               
ip-dscp-inbound 13 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 14 phb af1 red                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 15 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 16 phb af2 green                                                
ip-dscp-inbound 17 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 18 phb af2 green                                                
ip-dscp-inbound 19 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 20 phb af2 yellow                                               
ip-dscp-inbound 21 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 22 phb af2 red                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 23 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 24 phb af3 green                                                
ip-dscp-inbound 25 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 26 phb af3 green                                                
ip-dscp-inbound 27 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 28 phb af3 yellow                                               
ip-dscp-inbound 29 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 30 phb af3 red                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 31 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 32 phb af4 green                                                
ip-dscp-inbound 33 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 34 phb af4 green                                                
ip-dscp-inbound 35 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 36 phb af4 yellow                                               
ip-dscp-inbound 37 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 38 phb af4 red                                                  
ip-dscp-inbound 39 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 40 phb ef green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 41 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 42 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 43 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 44 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 45 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 46 phb ef green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 47 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 48 phb cs6 green                                                
ip-dscp-inbound 49 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 50 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 51 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 52 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 53 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 54 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 55 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 56 phb cs7 green                                                
ip-dscp-inbound 57 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 58 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 59 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 60 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 61 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 62 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-inbound 63 phb be green                                                 
ip-dscp-outbound be green map 0                                                 
ip-dscp-outbound be yellow map 0                                                
ip-dscp-outbound be red map 0                                                   
ip-dscp-outbound af1 green map 10                                               
ip-dscp-outbound af1 yellow map 12                                              
ip-dscp-outbound af1 red map 14                                                 
ip-dscp-outbound af2 green map 18                                               
ip-dscp-outbound af2 yellow map 20                                              
ip-dscp-outbound af2 red map 22                                                 
ip-dscp-outbound af3 green map 26                                               
ip-dscp-outbound af3 yellow map 28                                              
ip-dscp-outbound af3 red map 30                                                 
ip-dscp-outbound af4 green map 34                                               
ip-dscp-outbound af4 yellow map 36                                              
ip-dscp-outbound af4 red map 38                                                 
ip-dscp-outbound ef green map 46                                                
ip-dscp-outbound ef yellow map 46                                               
ip-dscp-outbound ef red map 46                                                  
ip-dscp-outbound cs6 green map 48                                               
ip-dscp-outbound cs6 yellow map 48                                              
ip-dscp-outbound cs6 red map 48                                                 
ip-dscp-outbound cs7 green map 56                                               
ip-dscp-outbound cs7 yellow map 56                                              
ip-dscp-outbound cs7 red map 56                                                 
user-priority 0 phb be green                                                 
user-priority 1 phb af1 green                                                
user-priority 2 phb af2 green                                                
user-priority 3 phb af3 green                                                
user-priority 4 phb af4 green                                                
user-priority 5 phb ef green                                                 
user-priority 6 phb cs6 green                                                
user-priority 7 phb cs7 green                                                
mpls-exp-inbound 0 phb be green                                                 
mpls-exp-inbound 1 phb af1 green                                                
mpls-exp-inbound 2 phb af2 green                                                
mpls-exp-inbound 3 phb af3 green                                                
mpls-exp-inbound 4 phb af4 green                                                
mpls-exp-inbound 5 phb ef green                                                 
mpls-exp-inbound 6 phb cs6 green                                                
mpls-exp-inbound 7 phb cs7 green                                                
mpls-exp-outbound be green map 0                                                
mpls-exp-outbound be yellow map 0                                               
mpls-exp-outbound be red map 0                                                  
mpls-exp-outbound af1 green map 1                                               
mpls-exp-outbound af1 yellow map 1                                              
mpls-exp-outbound af1 red map 1                                                 
mpls-exp-outbound af2 green map 2                                               
mpls-exp-outbound af2 yellow map 2                                              
mpls-exp-outbound af2 red map 2                                                 
mpls-exp-outbound af3 green map 3                                               
mpls-exp-outbound af3 yellow map 3                                              
mpls-exp-outbound af3 red map 3                                                 
mpls-exp-outbound af4 green map 4                                               
mpls-exp-outbound af4 yellow map 4                                              
mpls-exp-outbound af4 red map 4                                                 
mpls-exp-outbound ef green map 5                                                
mpls-exp-outbound ef yellow map 5                                               
mpls-exp-outbound ef red map 5                                                  
mpls-exp-outbound cs6 green map 6                                               
mpls-exp-outbound cs6 yellow map 6                                              
mpls-exp-outbound cs6 red map 6                                                 
mpls-exp-outbound cs7 green map 7                                               
mpls-exp-outbound cs7 yellow map 7                                              
mpls-exp-outbound cs7 red map 7 

# Run the display diffserv domain application domain1 command to display the interface list applied to the DS domain named domain1.

<HUAWEI>  display diffserv domain application domain1
Diffserv domain name: domain1
 Interface GigabitEthernet1/0/0.1 inbound
 Interface GigabitEthernet1/0/0.1 outbound
Updated: 2019-01-03

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