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NE40E V800R010C10SPC500 Configuration Guide - User Access 01

This is NE40E V800R010C10SPC500 Configuration Guide - User Access
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Example for Configuring PPPoE Access for IPv4 Users

Example for Configuring PPPoE Access for IPv4 Users

This section provides an example for configuring PPPoEoVLAN access for IPv4 users.

Networking Requirements

On the network shown in Figure 7-6, subscriber1 belongs to VLAN1, and subscriber2 belongs to VLAN2. The network-side interface on the router is GE 1/0/1. To allow subscriber1 and subscriber2 to use IPv4 addresses to go online, configure PPPoEoVLAN access. The requirements are as follows:
  • Subscribers belong to domain isp1 and use PPPoEoVLAN to go online through GE 1/0/2.1 on the router. The LAN switch marks the priorities of user packets from VLAN1 and VLAN2.

  • RADIUS authentication and accounting are used.

  • The IP address of the RADIUS server is The authentication port number is 1645, and the accounting port number is 1646. RADIUS+1.1 is used, with the password hello .

  • The IP address of the DNS server is

Figure 7-6 Networking for configuring PPPoEoVLAN access for IPv4 users
Interfaces 1 and 2 in this example are GE1/0/1 and GE1/0/2.1, respectively.

Configuration Roadmap

  1. Configure a VT.

  2. Configure AAA schemes.

  3. Configure a RADIUS server group.

  4. Configure an IPv4 address pool.

  5. Configure a domain.

  6. Bind the VT to a sub-interface.

  7. Configure a BAS interface.

Data Preparation

  • VT number
  • Authentication and accounting schemes and their names
  • RADIUS server group name and server address
  • DNS server address
  • User domain
  • BAS interface parameters


  1. Configure a VT.

    <HUAWEI> system-view
    [~HUAWEI] interface virtual-template 1
    [*HUAWEI-Virtual-Template1] ppp authentication-mode chap
    [*HUAWEI-Virtual-Template1] quit
    [*HUAWEI] commit

  2. Configure an authentication scheme.

    [~HUAWEI] aaa
    [*HUAWEI-aaa] authentication-scheme auth1
    [*HUAWEI-aaa-authen-auth1] authentication-mode radius
    [*HUAWEI-aaa-authen-auth1] quit
    [*HUAWEI] commit

  3. Configure an accounting scheme.

    [~HUAWEI-aaa] accounting-scheme acct1
    [*HUAWEI-aaa-accounting-acct1] accounting-mode radius
    [*HUAWEI-aaa-accounting-acct1] quit
    [*HUAWEI-aaa] quit
    [*HUAWEI] commit

  4. Configure a RADIUS server group.

    [~HUAWEI] radius-server group rd1
    [*HUAWEI-radius-rd1] radius-server authentication 1645
    [*HUAWEI-radius-rd1] radius-server accounting 1646
    [*HUAWEI-radius-rd1] radius-server type plus11
    [*HUAWEI-radius-rd1] radius-server shared-key-cipher hello 
    [*HUAWEI-radius-rd1] quit
    [*HUAWEI] commit

  5. Configure an address pool.

    [~HUAWEI] ip pool pool1 bas local
    [*HUAWEI-ip-pool-pool1] gateway
    [*HUAWEI-ip-pool-pool1] commit
    [~HUAWEI-ip-pool-pool1] section 0
    [*HUAWEI-ip-pool-pool1] dns-server
    [*HUAWEI-ip-pool-pool1] quit
    [*HUAWEI] commit

  6. Configure a domain named isp1.

    [~HUAWEI] aaa
    [~HUAWEI-aaa] domain isp1
    [*HUAWEI-aaa-domain-isp1] authentication-scheme auth1
    [*HUAWEI-aaa-domain-isp1] accounting-scheme acct1
    [*HUAWEI-aaa-domain-isp1] radius-server group rd1
    [*HUAWEI-aaa-domain-isp1] commit
    [~HUAWEI-aaa-domain-isp1] ip-pool pool1
    [*HUAWEI-aaa-domain-isp1] commit
    [~HUAWEI-aaa-domain-isp1] quit
    [~HUAWEI-aaa] quit
    [~HUAWEI] commit

  7. Configure user VLANs on the sub-interface and bind the VT to it.

    # Configure user VLANs on GE 1/0/2.1 and bind the VT to it.

    [~HUAWEI] interface gigabitethernet 1/0/2.1
    [*HUAWEI] commit
    [~HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/2.1] user-vlan 1 2
    [*HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/2.1-vlan-1-2] quit
    [*HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/2.1] pppoe-server bind virtual-template 1
    [*HUAWEI] commit

  8. Configure a BAS interface.

    [~HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/2.1] bas
    [*HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/2.1-bas] access-type layer2-subscriber
    [*HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/2.1-bas] authentication-method ppp
    [*HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/2.1-bas] quit
    [*HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/2.1] quit
    [*HUAWEI] commit

    In this example, users go online with the domain name isp1 being carried in the user name. Therefore, the BAS interface does not need to have any authentication domain configured. If users go online without the domain name being carried in the user name, you must specify an authentication domain on the BAS interface.

  9. Verify the configuration.

    # Check information about the address pool named pool1. The command output shows that the gateway address is, the addresses in the pool range from to, and the DNS server address is

    <HUAWEI> display ip pool name pool1
    Pool-Name      : pool1
      Pool-No        : 0  Pool-constant-index :- 
      Lease          : 3 Days 0 Hours 0 Minutes
      NetBois Type   : N-Node
      DNS-Suffix     : -
      DNS1         :
      Position       : Local           Status           : Unlocked
      Gateway        :       Mask             :
      Vpn instance   : --
      Profile-Name   : -               Server-Name      : -
      Codes: CFLCT(conflicted)
      ID           start             end total      used  idle CFLCT disable reserved
       0     98     0    98     0       0        0

    # Check information about the domain named isp1. The command output shows that the address pool named pool1 is bound to the domain.

    <HUAWEI> display domain isp1
      Domain-name                     : isp1
      Domain-state                    : Active
      Authentication-scheme-name      : auth1
      Accounting-scheme-name          : acct1
      Authorization-scheme-name       :
      Primary-DNS-IP-address          : -
      Second-DNS-IP-address           : -
      Web-server-URL-parameter        : No
      Slave Web-IP-address            : -
      Slave Web-URL                   : -
      Slave Web-auth-server           : - 
      Slave Web-auth-state            : - 
      Portal-server-URL-parameter     : No
      Primary-NBNS-IP-address         : -
      Second-NBNS-IP-address          : -
      User-group-name                 : -
      Idle-data-attribute (time,flow) : 0, 60
      Install-BOD-Count               : 0
      Report-VSM-User-Count           : 0
      Value-added-service             : COPS
      User-access-limit               : 279552
      Online-number                   : 0
      Web-IP-address                  : -
      Web-URL                         : -
      Portal-server-IP                : -
      Portal-URL                      : -
      Portal-force-times              : 2
      PPPoE-user-URL                  : Disable
      IPUser-ReAuth-Time(second)      : 300
      mscg-name-portal-key            : -
      Portal-user-first-url-key       : -
      Ancp auto qos adapt             : Disable
      Service-type                    : STB
      RADIUS-server-template          : rd5
      Two-acct-template               : -
      HWTACACS-server-template        : -
      Bill Flow                       : Disable
      Tunnel-acct-2867                : Disabled
      Flow Statistic:
      Flow-Statistic-Up               : Yes
      Flow-Statistic-Down             : Yes
      Source-IP-route                 : Disable
      IP-warning-threshold            : -
      IPv6-warning-threshold          : - 
      Multicast Forwarding            : Yes
      Multicast Virtual               : No
      Max-multilist num               : 4
      Multicast-profile               : -
      Multicast-profile ipv6          : -
      IP-address-pool-name            : pool1
      Quota-out                     : Offline
      Service-type                    : -
      User-basic-service-ip-type      : -/-/-
      PPP-ipv6-address-protocol       : Ndra
      IPv6-information-protocol       : Stateless dhcpv6
      IPv6-PPP-assign-interfaceid     : Disable
      Trigger-packet-wait-delay       : 60s
      Peer-backup                     : enable    

Configuration Files

sysname HUAWEI
radius-server group rd1
radius-server authentication 1645 weight 0
radius-server accounting 1646 weight 0
radius-server shared-key-cipher %^%#vS%796FO7%C~pB%CR=q;j}gSCqR-X6+P!.DYI@)%^% 
radius-server type plus11
interface Virtual-Template1
 ppp authentication-mode chap
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/2
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/2.1
 pppoe-server bind Virtual-Template 1
 user-vlan 1 2
 access-type layer2-subscriber
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
 ip address
ip pool pool1 bas local
section 0
 authentication-scheme  auth1
 accounting-scheme  acct1
 domain  default0
 domain  default1
 domain  default_admin
 domain  isp1
  authentication-scheme   auth1
  accounting-scheme   acct1
  radius-server group  rd1
  ip-pool   pool1
Updated: 2019-01-03

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