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Packet loss of the data service due to an abnormal computer

Publication Date:  2012-07-24  |   Views:  134  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  Qiu Linjiang  |   Document ID:  EKB0000009139


Issue Description

An exchange uses the 2M tributary unit of Huawei HONET built-in SBS155A to transfer data service. Sometimes it is normal, while sometimes packet loss is severe. The transmission NM has no alarms, and performance monitoring is also normal.

Handling Process

A. ?ING?the computer of Party B from a computer terminal of Party A? network, timeout no response will occur once every 1 or 2 minutes, indicating the path is really faulty. B. To clarify the problem of packet loss, it is necessary to test the full distance error code of 2M path. Perform hardware self-loop on the corresponding 2M tributary of Party B, then connect a meter to test on the 2M tributary of Party A for the error code of 2M transmission for several hours, and no error code is found, which indicates the transmission path should be normal. C. The problem remains when the Data Exchange Office replaces the corresponding data transfer equipment of Party A and B with another set. Move the data transfer equipment of Party B to A for direct interconnection, data transfer turns normal. This indicates the data transfer equipment is normal. D. It is suspected SBS155A is unstable. The problem is as before when SBS155As of Party A and B are replaced. E. According to the above process, both the transmission and data exchange equipment are normal. Finally, people of various parties analyze the networking together. Because the data transfer equipment of Party B is connected with the internal LAN of the user, it is suspected that the LAN has some problem, which affects running. Disconnect the user LAN, directly connect the portable computer with the transfer equipment of the data exchange office, then ?ING?the computer equipment of Party A, and it is found normal. It is supposed that some network adapter on the user LAN is abnormal and often sends bad packets to the network, thus generating ?ollision? and leading to abnormal data service. Shut down this computer and everything is OK, while sometimes packet loss occurs when power-on. Therefore, it is difficult to locate the fault. In the end, shut down the computers one by one, and find one of them is really abnormal. Shut down this computer, then transfer the data, and everything is OK.

Root Cause

Problem of user LAN equipment.