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Adopt VPLS on NE40, at the same time, realize layer 2 VPN service and transfer PPPOE packet

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  115 Downloads:  0

Issue Description


Three NE40s interconnect, the first and second NE40 connect with MA5100, ADSL MODEM, PC,the third one connects with MA5200F, Eudemon 200. Such as:

NE40(1)----MA5100(1)----ADSL MODEM(1)----PC(1)

NE40(2)----MA5100(2)----ADSL MODEM(2)----PC(2)

NE40(3)----MA5200F---Eudemon 200

On-line service:

PC(1)and PC(2) use PPPOE to dial-up to MA5200F and go online.

VPN service:

PC(1)and PC(2) realize  mutual visit within VPN.

The key is these two service must be realized simultaneously,that mean: PC can go online and realize mutual visit within VPN .

Alarm Information


Handling Process service:

Realize the transfer of PPPOE packets via VPLS,NE40 acts as PE,MA5100 acts as CE. PPPOE packets travel through MODEM, MA5100, NE40,then terminated by MA5200F. NE40 can only play the role of transferring VLAN and PPPOE packets, it equals to one large LSW.

In turn, the configuration is:

on PC(1), use the PPPOE dialup software----ADSL MODEM(1), use PVC 0----MA5100(1) binds PVC 0 and VLAN 2----NE40(1)enables VPLS,Trunk VLAN 2,establish VC 1,point to NE40(3)----NE40(3), enable VPLS,Trunk VLAN 2,establish VC 1,point to NE40(1)----MA5200F establish address pool and allocate one IP address automatically to PC(1),PC(1) uses this address to go online.

The realization process of PC(2) is similar, the difference is; MA5100(2) establish VLAN 3,NE40(2) and NE40(3) establish VC 2.

2.VPN service:
Use VPLS to establish layer 2 VPN,NE40 acts as PE,MA5100 acts as CE.the configuration is:

PC(1) configure static IP manually----ADSL MODEM(1) use PVC 1----MA5100(1) bind PVC 1 and VLAN 4----NE40(1) enable VPLS,Trunk VLAN 4,establish VC 3,point to NE40(2).

PC(2) configure static IP manually----ADSL MODEM(2) use PVC 1----MA5100(2) bind PVC 1 and VLAN 5----NE40(2) enable VPLS,Trunk VLAN 5,establish VC 3,point to NE40(1).

The IP address of PC(1) and PC(2) should belong to the same network segment.

1.each PC uses two IP address simultaneously:one dialup via PPPOE, MA5200F auto-allocates IP to go online; one is the IP configured manually for VPN mutual visit.

2.use 4 VLANs:VLAN 2,VLAN 3 for online service; VLAN 4,VLAN 5 for VPN service.

3.use 3 VC:VC 1,VC 2 for online service;VC 3 for VPN service.

4.use 2 PVC:PVC 0 for online service;PVC 1 for VPN service.

5.two PVCs on ADSL MODEM are used simultaneously for various service to improve security.

6.VPLS contains two kinds:traditional method and Q-IN-Q method, herein, we use the traditional method, the characteristic is the VLAN on two CEs is various: it means to realize VPN via VLAN 4 and VLAN 5.

Root Cause service:

It is PPPOE packet that come from PC, they will be terminate after arriving at MA5200F,they travel through layer 2 network only(because PPPOE packets cannot travel through layer 3),so we can not realize the service via layer 3, besides connecting one MA5200F under each NE40.

2.VPN service:

Packets from PC travel through MA5100,bind VLAN and PVC on MA5100, it travels through layer 2 too.