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No static route added casued a Remote router not accessible

Publication Date:  2012-07-27  |   Views:  4  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  Saad Ullah Sheikh  |   Document ID:  EKB0000252242


Issue Description

It is required by PTCL to implement NMS network for PTCL HCTE network that comprise of a number of HCTE.
All HCTE's are planned to connect to Islamabad HCTE via  router connected to DTU's present on both end.
After all the connectivty was completed and DTU shown sync on both side when I tried to PING ISlamabad
router from Faisalabad Router the request time out appears

Request time out

Alarm Information


Handling Process

      1. I tried to PING  ISlamabad Router form FSD(My location) Router and found that time out occurs, but ENgineer
in ISLAMABAD reported that after Sync of DTU's he can access my DTU and router ????Showing that some thing is 
wrong with my router routing table.I then tried to ping Faisalabad BAM  from FSD Router and found that 
PING is successful so proving that routing to outside network has some problem.
2. IP interface statistics are negotiated
Serial0 current state:up, line protocol current state:up a E1/T1/E3/T3 entry                                                                            
  The Maximum Transmit Unit is 1500Copy config or system fil                                                           
  Internet Address is                                      
  physical layer is synchronous Enable system debugging functi                                                              
  interface is DTE, clock is DTECLK1, cable type is V35                                                       
    delete              Erase the configuration fi                                                  
     Link-protocol is PPP                         
     LCP opened, IPCP opened, IPXCP initial, CCP init          Define DHC                                                                         
    download            Download a save    
After negotiating with engineer on other side I is confirmed that interface characteristics are same on both 
sides.MTU 1500, V35,Internet Address is
3. Baud rate was negotiated on both sides it was found the same 128K circuit on both sides after negotiating 
with DXS and media persons.
4. To check if BER has some problem It was found that Serial and IP Interface was up on both sides so Media 
is not the iisue
2. [Fsd_HCTE_Router]display cu 
5. I then tried to find out routing table on My(Faisalabad side)
[Fsd_HCTE_Router]display cu 
   Destination/Mask  Proto   Pref     Metric     Nexthop    Interface  Remote bridge information                                                                                               Direct    0         0 LoopBack0                                                                    
    clock        Direct    0         0 LoopBack0                                                                    
    configfile              Mem                           Direct    0         0 Seria                                                            Direct    0         0   LoopBack0  
The defaulkt routing table showed that there is default route configured but routing to outside network not 
 done prpoerly so It was decided to add a static route to destination ROuter.
[Fsd_HCTE_Router]ip route-static    
 After this I tried to PING the destination network router and this time it worked alright and I were able
 to access Islamabad ROuter for NMS connectivity                    

Root Cause

1. Router on end-A or end-B has problem
2. IP interface statistics is not negotiated properly
3. Baud rate (bit rate throughput) is not negotiated properly
4. Twisted pair used by DTU had High BER.
5. Routing table is not configured properly


Define static routes if default routing plan not work or if th network has a specific gateway