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FAQ-What Is the CPCAR Command Provided by the NE5000E, the NE80E, and the NE40E

Publication Date:  2019-07-17 Views:  117 Downloads:  0

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What Is the CPCAR command provided by the NE5000E, the NE80E, and the NE40E?

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The CPCAR command of the NE5000E supports the following packets:

eth-bpdu   BPDU packet

ipv4-arp    IPv4 ARP packet

ipv4-igmp  IPv4 IGMP packet

isis        isis packet

other-prcl  other protocol packets

The NE5000E uses default CPCAR values, which cannot be changed or configured.

For the LPUA and the LPUG boards of the NE80E and the NE40E, the CPCAR command supports the following packets:

eth-bpdu      BPDU packet

eth-vrrp      VRRP packet

ipv4-arp      IPv4 ARP packet

ipv4-dhcp     IPv4 DHCP packet

ipv4-icmp     IPv4 ICMP packet

ipv4-igmp     IPv4 IGMP c

ipv4-mc-ospf  IPv4 OSPF packet

ipv4-rip1     IPv4 RIP1 packet

ipv4-snmp     IPv4 SNMP packet

ipv4-tcp      IPv4 TCP packet

ipv6-icmp     IPv6 ICMP packet

ipv6-snmp     IPv6  SNMP packet

ipv6-tcp      IPv6 TCP packet

isis          isis packet

For the LPUF (Rainier) board, the NE80E and the NE40E, the CPCAR command supports the following packets:

default                   unknown packet

ipv4-arp                  IPv4 ARP packet

ipv4-arp-miss             IPv4 ARP MISS packet

ipv4-default              IPv4 unknown packet

ipv4-dhcp                 IPv4 DHCP packet

ipv4-icmp                 IPv4 ICMP packet

ipv4-igmp                 IPv4 IGMP packet

ipv4-mc-default           IPv4 unknown multicast packet

ipv4-mc-fwd-miss          IPv4 multicast forwarded packet

ipv4-mc-fwd-rpf-mismatch  IPv4 multicast forwarded RPF miss packet

ipv4-mc-if-router           IPv4 reserved multicast packet

ipv4-mc-ospf              IPv4 OSPF packet

ipv4-mc-ospf-dr           IPv4 OSPF-DRpacket

ipv4-mc-pim            IPv4 PIM packet

ipv4-mc-register        IPv4 multicast registration packet

ipv4-mc-rip2          IPv4 RIP2packet

ipv4-mc-software-fwd  IPv4 multicast end-of-registration packet

ipv4-rip1            IPv4 RIP1 packet

ipv4-snmp           IPv4 SNMP packet

ipv4-tcp             IPv4 TCP packet

isis                 isis packet

net-loopback        network board loopback packet

ppp-ctrl             PPP control packet

The CPCAR command of the LPUA board, the LPUG board, or the LPUF board can drop (DROP) or limit the data rate (CAR) according to the preceding listed packets.

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