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Changing an NE ID through the NE Panel fails due to a conflict of NE IDs.

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  89 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
At an office, a user creates a Metro 100 NE, turns on the NE, and connects fibers to the NE. Then, the user changes the NE ID through the panel. After the NE is reset, the NE ID is the original one and the new NE ID does not take effect. 
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1. Guide the user step by step to change the NE ID through the panel. You can find that if the NE ID is changed to a value in 189�192, the original ID is used after the NE is reset.
2. Log in to the NE through the command line and change the NE ID through the cm-set-neid command. An error message "failed! cmd:0x9101 error:0x9888 NSERR_CM_NEID_CONFLICT" is returned.
3. The error code 0x9888 is equal to 39084 in decimal format, indicating that the new NE ID conflicts with an NE ID in the connection table or routing table.
4. You can determine that the NE ID conflicts with the ID of another NE on the network. View the ECC routing table of the NE and you can find an NE of which the ID conflicts with the new NE ID to be set.
5. Disconnect fibers from the NE and change the NE ID through the panel. After the NE is reset and restarted, the NE ID takes effect and the change operation is successful. 
Root Cause
1. The SCC board of the NE fails.
2. The ECC routing table contains a route to an NE identified by the new NE ID, so the change operation fails and the original ID is restored. 
When you change the ID of a Metro 100 NE, the NE ID is checked. If the ECC routing table of the NE already contains the new NE ID, changing the NE ID fails.