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NE40E Cannot Save Logs to the CF Card Because It Fails to Create the Log Buffer

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  89 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The log files of the NE40E are usually stored on CF card 2. At an application site, CF card 2 is damaged and therefore CF card 2 cannot be set as the storage path. After the CF card is replaced, the logs have to be saved to a CF card because the SRU cannot be reset. The logs, however, cannot be saved to the CF card by using the set logfile-path cfcard command. 
Alarm Information
[HX_WJY_A_NE40E-hidecmd]set logfile-path cfcard
Set LogFile Path: cfcard successful! //The storage path is successfully set.
<HX_WJY_A_NE40E>save logfile
Error:Save log file unsuccessfully. //Log files cannot be created.
<HX_WJY_A_NE40E>dir //Check whether the CF card has stored log files.
Directory of cfcard:/
0 -rw- 85 Aug 11 2008 11:26:08 private-data.txt
1 -rw- 15324 Sep 11 2007 16:18:48 paf.txt
2 -rw- 6309 Sep 11 2007 16:18:56 license.txt
3 -rw- 15323 Jul 31 2007 14:14:58 paf.txt.bak
4 -rw- 4795 Aug 11 2008 11:26:10
5 -rw- 72760044 Jul 31 2007 13:32:06
6 -rw- 0 Jul 31 2007 13:51:20 patchnpstate.dat
7 -rw- 5889 Sep 20 2007 10:57:54 patch.pat
8 -rw- 15323 Sep 10 2007 10:25:08 paf.txt.0911bak
9 -rw- 6308 Sep 10 2007 10:25:08 license.txt.0911bak
10 -rw- 72743452 Sep 11 2007 16:29:16
11 -rw- 114 Sep 20 2007 10:58:50 patchstate.dat
506368 KB total (364064 KB free) 
Handling Process
1. Configure a log host for storing logs. Run the info-center loghost command to export the logs to the log host.
2. Perform the master-slave switchover to change the slave SRU to the master SRU. Reboot the master SRU. CF card 2 is re-initialized. Then the logs can be stored on CF card 2. 
Root Cause
The logs cannot be stored to the CF card because the NE40E does not create the log buffer.
The following are the main reasons that the NE40E fails to create the log buffer:
1. Currently, the NE40E does not support hot swapping of CF cards. If you replace the CF card without pulling out the SRU in advance, the NE40E cannot create the buffer. At this site, the CF card 2 was replaced by hot swapping several days ago. In this case, the system fails to create the buffer.
2. When the SRU starts up, the system checks the CF card. If the system detects faults on the CF card, it cannot create the buffer. 
Note that the NE40E does not support hot swapping of CF cards.