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License Cannot Be Updated Manually Because N2000 BMS Users Use Redundant Components

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  56 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Operating system: Solaris 10
Version of the N2000 BMS: V200R011C01B037 dual system
We apply for the commercial license based on the purchased components set out in the contract. In case of temporary license, if a user is using or had used a component not set out in the contract, the commercial license cannot be updated manually. 
Alarm Information
When you update the license manually, the system displays the following error “Update fails. Failure cause: invalid license file.” Refer to the attachment. 
Handling Process
Obtain the information of used components recorded in the database table through the following method:
Open the database table tbl_PlainParaEx, and obtain the following data:
feature item Value productName
---------- ----------- ------------- --------------
BMSNB LNS1CORBA04 2838,39999843
BMSNB LNS1FTP04 2838,39999843
BMSNB LNS1MML04 2838,39999843
BMSNB LNS1SNMP04 2838,39999843
BMSNB LNS1TL104 2838,39999843
BMSNB LNS1TL114 2838,39999843
BMSNB LNS1XML04 2838,39999843
BMSNB LNS1XML14 2838,39999843
BMSWG LNS1WGSUB03 2838,39999843
COMMON LSW1CAPA01 1000 (null)
COMMON LSW1VALI01 1508 (null)
(1) LSW1CAPA01 is a useless item left by the previous version, which can be ignored.
(2) “Value ? 1000 =” refers to the license value currently consumed. Take the item LNS1WGSUB03 as an example, the number of currently consumed common licenses for the network element (NE) management is 1838 (2838-1000).

The granted commercially used license contains the following components:
Resource="LSW1CONN01=67, (maximum number clients) LSW1VALI01=4296967295 (valid period)"
Resource="LNS1WGSUB01=134016 (license for ADSL port management), LNS1WGSUB03=1792" (common license for NE management)
The database table contains the component information that is not covered by the commercially used license, so the system prompts update failure when the license is updated manually. In this case, the license can be updated only by replacement. The replacement method is as follows:
Copy the granted formal license to the $N2000ROOT/server/license directory (/opt/n2000/server/license on a UNIX server). Then restart the N2000 BMS server through the system monitoring terminal (watchman for a high availability system). 
Root Cause
1. The license file has incorrect format.
2. In a temporary license, all the functions are enabled. The user can use all the components, and the system records the component usage information in the database table. If you update the license manually, the system checks the recorded component information in the database table and compares the information with the component information in the commercial license. If the system detects that the database table contains the component information that is beyond the commercial license, the system reports errors and the update fails. 
 When the license update fails, the fault may not be caused by the license file itself. Then, you need to check the database table and check whether the situation is the same as this case. At the same time, you should explain why the license update fails to the customer.