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FAQ-How to View TCAM Utilization and Select Proper PAF on the NE40E and NE80E of the V300R002 Version

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  134 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Now, the 8090 equipment of V300R002 has five types of PAFs/Licenses. What type of the PAF/License is selected should be based on TCAM utilization of the equipment on the current network.
For V300R100, you can view TCAM utilization of the target board and select a proper PAF by running the efu show-table 1 stat fibv4 command. However, the hidden command is modified in V300R002. Then how to view TCAM utilization on the equipment of V300R002? 

Alarm Information


Handling Process


For V300R002, you can view TCAM entries by running the efu ipv4 re statistics slot command in debugging mode.

[R1_NE80E-diag-ne5000]efu ipv4 re statistics 5


[TBL_TOTAL] 0000307200      [TBL_CUR  ] 0000000032      [TBL_FREE ] 0000307168

[TBL_ADD  ] 0000000032      [TBL_DEL  ] 0000000000      [TBL_UPD  ] 0000000064


[ADD_REQ  ] 0000000000      [DEL_REQ  ] 0000000000      [UPD_REQ  ] 0000000032


[ADD_REQ  ] 0000000000      [DEL_REQ  ] 0000000000      [UPD_REQ  ] 0000000032

[MISS_CNT ] 0000000000      [EXIST_CNT] 0000000000      [ERR_CNT  ] 0000000000

The TOTAL value almost matches the values displayed by the disp tcam-config all command. CURR indicates that TCAM utilization is the same as the number of destinations disclosed in the IP routing table. Pay special attention to the FREE value. If the balance is smaller than 1000, you need to select a more proper PAF or replace the TCAM board with a board of larger capacity in the future upgrade planning.

[R1_NE80E]disp tcam-config all

 LPUA_TCMA Configuration :

 TableName  TableCapacity  TableStartAddr


   FIBv4          300         0x004000   

Note that the value in the table is k.

[R1_NE80E-diag-ne5000]disp ip rou

Route Flags: R - relay, D - download to fib


Routing Tables: Public

        Destinations : 32       Routes : 35

[R1_NE80E-diag-ne5000]disp fib statistics

Route Entry Count : 35

Note: Difference between the FIB table, RIB table, and TCAM table:

RIB = number of destinations x number of corresponding outbound interfaces x number of BGP neighbors (if routes are reflected through BGP RR); (sum)

FIB = number of destinations x number of corresponding outbound interfaces (sum)

TCAM = mumber of destinations

According to the above values, you can decide which type of PAF or License to choose.  

Root Cause



The above process is applicable to only the selection of PAF/License in the case of V300R002. You must not modify the IPv4 part in the TCAM.