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A call failure occurs between two ETAS subscribers. The ETAS returns the error message (Network address = not found)

Publication Date:  2012-08-06 Views:  102 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Two ETAS subscribers have been successfully registered. Subscriber 1 then originates a call to Subscriber 2. The S-CSCF on the caller side sends the INVITE message to the ETAS. The ETAS directly returns the error message "Network address = not found".  
Alarm Information


Handling Process
This problem can be solved in one of the following ways:
Method 1:
Log in to the AS board or the AS virtual system that runs on the board shared by multiple NEs. Check whether the resolv.conf file under the etc directory has the line that reads "nameserver". In this line, is the IP address of the DNS. (If there are two AS boards or two AS virtual systems, implement the check on each board or system separately.) Perform the following steps:
1. Log in to the board or system through PUTY. The password of the root user is huawei.
2. Run cd /etc to enter the etc directory.
3. Run vi resolv.conf to edit the configuration file.
4. Check whether the file contains the "nameserver" line. If not, add this line to the file. This line of data indicates that the ETAS, as a client of the DNS, can send a query request to the DNS.
5. Run su ? bwadmin to switch to the bwadmin user. The password is bwadmin.
6. Run restartbw to reset the service and validate the configuration.
Register the two ETAS subscribers again. When one of the ETAS subscribers originates a call, a connection can be successfully established.
Method 2:
Log in to the S-CSCF in the OMU. Modify the internal software parameters on the MML interface of the S-CSCF as follows:
Set the parameter INSPV to 1. In this case, the S-CSCF sends its IP address together with the registration request to the ETAS. Then, the ETAS does not need to request the DNS to resolve the domain name. The ETAS can send the INVITE message directly to the S-CSCF according to the IP address previously sent by the S-CSCF. 
Root Cause
The ETAS needs to request the DNS to resolve the IP address of the S-CSCF. If the DNS receives the request, but fails to resolve the address due to a fault on the DNS, the DNS returns an error message indicating the failure of the domain name resolution. As the client of the DNS, if the ETAS does not send a query request to the DNS, the ETAS returns the error message "Network address = not found".