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Troubleshooting the Problem That the Device Data Fails to Be Backed Up Through the DC of the N2000 BMS

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  69 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The BMS version of an office for the DSLAM is N2000 BMS V200R008B02D061SP25. The N2000 BMS manages the MA5100 (V1), MA5300, UA5000 (IPMA), and UA5000 (IPMB). Start the DC and enable the function of backing up the database automatically. It is found that the data of certain devices cannot be backed up. 
Alarm Information
The DC console prompts that the TFTP/FTP server is not reachable or the data transmission error occurs. 
Handling Process
1. Query the switch and firewall between the devices and the N2000 BMS. After the ACL configuration is corrected, data backup can be performed normally on certain devices that cannot be backed up.
2. Reconfigure the SNMP parameters of the devices that cannot be backed up, including the trap-source, read community name, and write community name. Delete the incorrect SNMP parameters.
3. Query the data of the MA5300 and MA5600 devices that still cannot be backed up. The secondary IP addresses are added on the N2000 BMS. Change the secondary IP addresses to primary IP addresses and add the NEs on the N2000 BMS again. The problem is solved. 
Root Cause
The DSLAM can be managed on the N2000 BMS. Hence, the IP layer is reachable. After the analysis, the problem can be traced to the following causes:
1. The ACL configuration between the N2000 BMS and the DSLAM is incorrect. The TFTP port number is disabled, which causes the unavailability of the TFTP.
2. The SNMP parameters are configured incorrectly. The read/write community names that are configured on the SNMP are not consistent with those on the N2000 BMS. When the N2000 BMS delivers commands to the DSLAM through the SNMP, the DSLAM does not run the commands because of inconsistent read/write community names.
3. The trap-source parameter of the SNMP is not configured. Normally, after performing backup operations, the DSLAM reports traps to the N2000 BMS. If the parameter is not configured, the N2000 BMS fails to receive the traps that are reported by the DSLAM. It is regarded that the backup operation fails and the data that is backed up on the N2000 BMS is deleted. The alarm subsystem prompts the backup failure.
3. The MA5300 and MA5600 use secondary IP addresses as the network management IP addresses. The traps of the MA5300 and MA5600 can only be transmitted through the interfaces of the primary IP addresses. If the secondary IP addresses are used as the network management IP addresses, the N2000 BMS cannot receive traps from the devices. Hence, the backup fails. 
1. The SNMP parameters of the devices must be configured correctly and consistent with the application template provided by the N2000 BMS. If the read/write community names are incorrect, certain management functions of the N2000 BMS cannot be implemented. The trap-source parameter must be configured correctly. Otherwise, the result of command running on devices cannot be reported.
2. Pay attention to the ACL configuration of the intermediate devices. Incorrect ACL configuration may lead to restrictions to certain applications.
3. Pay attention to the precaution bulletin. The MA5300 and the MA5600 cannot be added on the N2000 BMS through the secondary IP addresses.