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MSP Ring Fails to Recover from Switchover Because the SCC Board Is Faulty

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  66 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
In a 2.5G MSP ring composed of five sets of OptiX OSN 3500, switchover can be performed after the fiber is broken. After the fiber is fixed, the MSP switchover does not end, and the dual SCC boards are configured in the OptiX OSN 3500. 
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1. Query the information about the configured section on the NMS. No fault is found.
2. Query the alarm information. After the fiber is fixed, no alarm is reported on the optical board related to the multiplex section.
3. Check whether the soldering error of the fiber causes failure to recover from switchover.
4. Shut down the laser corresponding to the related optical board and check whether the fiber connection is faulty. After the laser at one side is shut down, the peer SL16 board does not report any alarm. The queried optical power is -60.
5. The SL16 board cannot receive any optical signal, and no LOS alarm is reported. Check whether the faulty SL16 board causes that the MSP ring cannot recover from switchover. Replace the SL16 board. After the replacement, the SL16 board does not report any alarm. Therefore, the SL16 board is not faulty.
6. The SL16 board does not report the LOS alarm. Check whether it is caused by the faulty SCC board.
7. Use the command line to query. The following information is displayed:
ResetLog:: total reset times = 32
        No.0:  1990-1-1 0:0:0
                BOARD=17  TYPE=0xf0000004  SOFTTYPE=1
        No.1:  2006-7-4 10:54:50
                BOARD=18  TYPE=0xf0000004  SOFTTYPE=1
        No.2:  2006-7-4 11:15:59
                BOARD=18  TYPE=0xf0000010  SOFTTYPE=1
        No.3:  2006-7-5 15:40:26
                BOARD=18  TYPE=0xf0000004  SOFTTYPE=1
        No.4:  2006-9-18 19:34:58
                BOARD=18  TYPE=0xf0000004  SOFTTYPE=1
        No.5:  2006-9-19 11:57:35
                BOARD=18  TYPE=0xf0000004  SOFTTYPE=1
        No.6:  2006-10-14 8:48:17
                BOARD=18  TYPE=0xf0000010  SOFTTYPE=1
        No.7:  2008-1-10 0:1:19
                BOARD=18  TYPE=0xf0000010  SOFTTYPE=1
        No.8:  2008-11-20 18:4:9
                BOARD=18  TYPE=0xf0000010  SOFTTYPE=1
8. The repeated reset records exist during the faulty period. The record code is TYPE=0xf0000010 SOFTTYPE=1. It is a soft dog reset.
9. Remove the reset SCC board. Query and find that the multiplex section is in the state of switchover recovery. Disconnect the fiber jumper SL16 board, and the LOS alarm can be reported. 
Root Cause
Repeated reset of the SCC board causes failure of the MSP ring to recover from switchover.