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No IP Address Can Be Configured on an NE40 GE Interface when Eth-trunk is Deleted

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  2 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

During the cutover, it was found that no IP address could be configured on GE 3/0/0 of an NE40, while any other port on the board can be configured with IP addresses. The version is NE40&80 V300R002C01B599. No IP command prompt on port 3/0/0 is found. The output is as follows:
Gigabitethernet interface view commands:                                        
  apdp             APDP protocol                                                
  backup           Backup nexthop                                               
  control-flap     Interface flap control enable                                
  description      Specify interface description                                
  display          Display current system information                           
  eth-trunk        Add the interface into eth-trunk                             
  ethernet         Ethernet Peer                                                
  hqos             Specify an output queue                                      
  igmp             Specify parameters for IGMP                                  
  local-ce         Local ce configuration information                           
  loopback         Set interface loopback                                       
  mac-address      MAC address                                                  
  natpt            Specify NATPT(Network Address Translation-Protocol           
                   Translation) configuration information                       
  negotiation      Set negotiation mode                                         
  ping             Send echo messages                                           
  qos              Specify an output queue                                      
  quit             Exit from current command view                               
  return           Exit to user view                                            
  rmon             Specify RMON                                                 
  rmon-statistics  Specify RMON-Statistics                                      
  shutdown         Shutdown the specified interface                             
  tracert          Trace route to host                                          
  traffic-policy   Apply specific traffic policy                                
  trust            Specify trust parameters                                     
  undo             Cancel the setting

Alarm Information


Handling Process

Locate and solve the problem by performing the following steps:
1. Configure the Eth-trunk 0 logical interface.
2. Add Eth-trunk 0 on GE 3/0/0 and ensure that Eth-trunk0 has this member port only.
2. Restart board No.3. Run the undo inter Eth-trunk 0 command to delete the Eth-trunk0 logical interface.
4. After board No. 3 restarts, the problem occurred again. No IP address could be configured for GE 3/0/0. The symptom is the same as that of the running network.
5. Configure the Eth-trunk 0 logical interface again. Add GE 3/0/0 to Eth-trunk0 and exit Eth-trunk 0. The problem was solved. 

Root Cause

1. It was suspected that it was a board registration problem. After the board is restarted, the problem still exists. This excludes the possibility.
2. When port configuration information is displayed, no configuration is found. This excludes the possibility that the port is configured as a Layer-2 interface and a sub-interface exists.
3. Log analysis found that a hot-plugging operation is performed on board No. 3. After board No.3 starts up, GE 3/0/0 joins Eth-trunk0 and the configuration recovery fails.
%Dec 13 00:36:31 2008 SNYAN-PA-G9NET-RT02-NE40 SHELL/5/CMD:task:CFM ip:** user:** command:eth-trunk 0
%Dec 13 00:36:31 2008 SNYAN-PA-G9NET-RT02-NE40 CFM/5/CFM_LOG:
Error:Command eth-trunk 0 fails to recover configuration (ulErrCode=6,ulErrIndex=65535) .
%Dec 13 00:36:31 2008 SNYAN-PA-G9NET-RT02-NE40 CFM/5/CFM_LOG:
Cfm(B) send configure command eth-trunk 0.
The reason for the configuration recovery failure is that the undo inter Eth-trunk 0 command was used before board No.3 is started.
%Dec 13 00:35:18 2008 SNYAN-PA-G9NET-RT02-NE40 SHELL/5/CMD:task:co0 ip:** user:** command:undo int Eth-Trunk0
%Dec 13 00:35:25 2008 SNYAN-PA-G9NET-RT02-NE40 SRM/5/DEMInure:Slot 3 DEM channel 1 inures!
%Dec 13 00:35:25 2008 SNYAN-PA-G9NET-RT02-NE40 SRM/7/DEMSwitch:slot 9 to slot 3 dem current channel change to channel 1.
In principle, no command should be configured before or when an interface board is started. It was believed that this problem was related to this command. When the undo inter Eth-trunk 0 command was run, board No. 3 has not started up and there is no member port for Eth-trunk 0. Therefore, the undo inter Eth-trunk 0 command can be run. However, before the execution of the command is completed, board No.3 starts up and configuration recovery begins. As a result, a configuration recovery error to occur on GE 3/0/0. 


In the version codes, the command line should be masked when the interface board starts up. Ensure that no command can be entered when an interface board starts up, or no command is executed before and when the interface board starts up to avoid cutover failures caused by similar problems.