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FAQ-Functions of the MCA and WMU of the OptiX OSN 6800

Publication Date:  2019-07-05 Views:  154 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

The OSN 6800 is used to build a new network. Two types of optical spectrum analysis units are configured: optical spectrum analysis board (MCA) and wavelength monitoring board (WMU). The MCA and WMU board seem to have overlapped functions. How to understand the functions of the two boards? 

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1. Two types of MCA boards are available: MCA4 and MCA8. The MCA4 board provides four interfaces, whereas the MCA8 board provides eight interfaces. Similar to an optical spectrum analyzer, they detect the optical power, central wavelength, and optical signal-to-noise ratio of optical channels as well as the number of wavelengths on each optical channel, and report the detected information to the SCC board. You can check the optical spectrum information to analyze and locate faults. In addition, the two MCA boards can interoperate with other boards to provide the APE function.
2. The WMU board interoperates with the SCC board to lock wavelengths, supervises the wavelength drift of the OTU board at the transmit end, and transmits the supervision results through the mailbox to the SCC. The SCC checks the wavelength configuration table and determines whether to adjust the wavelength drift of the OTU board. If the adjustment is necessary, the SCC transmits the adjustment information to the OTU board to adjust the wavelength drift of the OTU board.
3. The MCA board can be configured at both the transmit end and the receive end to provide the optical signal supervision function.
4. The WMU board can be configured only at the transmit end to interoperate with the local SCC to adjust the wavelength drift of the local OTU board.
5. The MCA board facilitates maintenance, whereas the WMU board is used for function implementation. To realize an 80-channel system in the C band by using the OTU board of 100 GHz channel spacing, you need to use the WMU board to lock the working wavelength of the OTU board. The OTU boards of 50 GHz channel spacing can be used to realize an 80-channel system without using the WMU board, but they are expensive. The OTU board of 100 GHz channel spacing, however, cannot meet the wavelength stability requirements of the 80-channel system requirements. Therefore, the WMU board must be used to stabilize the wavelength performance of the OTU board. 

Root Cause



The MCA board provides optical signal supervision, whereas the WMU board provides optical signal supervision and interoperates with the SCC to control the wavelength locking of the OTU.