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How to Obtain the Information on an Online NE User, Such As the Gateway NE and IP Address

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  106 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
To protect an NE from illegal login or operation, any illegal user will be kicked. To judge whether an online NE user is illegal, the information on the user needs to be obtained. Such information includes the ID of the gateway NE through which the user logs in and the IP address of the user. 
Alarm Information
Handling Process

1. Log in to the NE on an MML client.
Run the log-query: SccBid,"mmllog" command to query the TEI of the user. Wherein, set SccBid to the ID of the SCC on your gateway NE.
:log-query:25,"mmllog" (mmllog on the SCC) 
 mmllog           2008-05-20 19:40:01          User:0x1e090023, Command:lognew, para[0x22:0x73:0x7a:0x68]                                                                    

mmllog      2008-05-20 20:29:30          User:0x1e090023, Command:lognew, para[0x22:0x73:0x7a:0x68]                                                                                                                                                           
mmllog             2008-05-20 22:24:52          User:0x1e090023, Command:lognew, para[0x22:0x73:0x7a:0x68]                                        mmllog
2. Log in to the NE through the QX interface.
The QX logs do not record the user TEI. Therefore, run the following commands to obtain the information on the Navigator.
- Run the sm-get-curuser command to obtain the current online users.
                             USER-NAME         TEI-TYPE                           
                             l131833           tm                                 
                             fan123            tm                                 
                             szhw              tm                                 
  Total records :3                                             
- Run the sm-get-user command to obtain the TEI of the possible illegal user.
  UserName          Group             AccountState  CreateDate  ExpireDate  LoginBeginWeekday  LoginEndWeekday  LoginBeginTime  LoginEndTime  PasswordModifiedTime  AutoQuitTime  AutoQuitRemainTime  NoActiveDisableDays  LastLoginTime        NotifyModifyPassword  ExpiredPasswordUsedCount  PasswordMaxAge  Tei         TeiType   
  l131833           super             enable        2009-03-02  2087-12-31  sun                sat              00:00:00        23:59:59      2009-03-02 20:38:53   60            60                  0                    2009-03-02 22:27:32  enable                0                         0               0x1f090023  tm        
  Total records :1
Subtract 0x11 from the most significant byte of the TEI, 0x1f, to obtain the CON-NO. The result is 0x0e.
The three least significant bytes of the TEI, 0x090023, indicate the ID of the gateway NE through which the user logs in.
3. Run the cm-get-lanconinfo command on the gateway NE (with ID of 0x090023) to obtain the IP address mapped to the CON-NO.
  PEER-IP          USER-PORT  PEER-PORT  CON-NO  RECV-FRAMES  RECV-BYTES  SEND-FRAMES  SEND-BYTES  CON-TIMES   SEND-FAILCOUNT     1400       2425       14      102          1896        148          14256       1           0               
  Total records :1
Note: Due to mutual kicks, the CON-NO of an NE user changes. The TEI of the user varies according to the CON-NO. Therefore, take the same steps repeatedly to obtain the IP address of the user properly. 


Root Cause
The IP address of an unknown user needs to be obtained. 
The OptiX NG-SDH equipment of a version earlier than V100R008 can query the information about online NE users only.