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Illegal Low Order Channel number error is coming when When we creating the Services in Metro 1000 error.

Publication Date:  2012-07-25  |   Views:  175  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  00702306Ratnesh Gupta  |   Document ID:  EKB0000404328


Issue Description

When we creating the Services in 112- Pallakollu error Coming . Alarm is Illegal Low Order Channel number.
Project Name: IDEA AP fiber project
NE/Equipment Type : Huawei T2000 Server 
Equipment Details (Along with Sr. No.): 112- Pallakollu Equipment/ApplicationSoftwareVersion: Metro 10000
Equipment IP/ID:

Alarm Information

Handling Process

This is the restrictions when configuring the services from Tributary Unit to Line Unit for Metro 1000 because of their internal bus configuration.
The VC12 number can't be same from the same TU board to different VC4 of different port from different board.
Let’s take the example of this case:
Service configured at Pallakollu node:
VC12   2        4-PD2T         1-20                       5-OI4D-1(SDH-1)      VC4:1:13-32 Yes     Unlocked       41-Rajamundry-112-Palakollu-VC12-0001
VC12   1        4-PD2T         1-20                       5-OI4D-2(SDH-2)      VC4:1:13-32 Yes     Unlocked       41-Rajamundry-112-Palakollu-VC12-0001
VC12   1        4-PD2T         21                          5-OI4D-1(SDH-1)      VC4:1:33        Yes     Unlocked       42-Bhimavaram-112-Palakollu-VC12-0001
VC12   2        4-PD2T         21                          5-OI4D-2(SDH-2)      VC4:1:33        Yes     Unlocked       42-Bhimavaram-112-Palakollu-VC12-0001
VC12   2        4-PD2T         22-24                     5-OI4D-1(SDH-1)      VC4:1:45-47 Yes     Unlocked       41-Rajamundry-112-Palakollu-VC12-0001
VC12   1        4-PD2T         22-24                     5-OI4D-2(SDH-2)      VC4:1:45-47 Yes     Unlocked       41-Rajamundry-112-Palakollu-VC12-0001
VC12   2        4-PD2T         25                          5-OI4D-1(SDH-1)      VC4:3:1                    Yes     Unlocked          42-Bhimavaram-112-Palakollu-VC12-0001
VC12   1        4-PD2T         25                          5-OI4D-2(SDH-2)      VC4:3:1                    Yes     Unlocked          42-Bhimavaram-112-Palakollu-VC12-0001
Now for creating more VC12 services from 4-PD2T you should choose the combinations in a way that it should not include the RED marked timeslots (13-32, 33, 45-47, 1). So the combination in that case is (2-12, 34-44, 48)
4-PD2T ---VC12# 26-36 ---------> VC4:3:2-12---5-OI4D-1 (SDH-1)
4-PD2T ---VC12# 37-47 ---------> VC4:3:34-44---5-OI4D-1 (SDH-1)
4-PD2T ---VC12# 48 ---------> VC4:3:48---5-OI4D-1 (SDH-1)
NO matter what ever the VC4 is used, you should take care while choosing the timeslots for VC12.

Root Cause

If I  want to configurate the service for TU board to LU board, the VC12 number can't be same from the same TU board to different VC4 of different port from different board.
This is the restriction when we create the service for TU board to LU board
For this issue,  We can configurate as follows:
4-PD2T ---VC12# 26-36 ---------> VC4:3:2-12---5-OI4D-1 (SDH-1)
4-PD2T ---VC12# 37-47 ---------> VC4:3:34-44---5-OI4D-1 (SDH-1)
4-PD2T ---VC12# 48 ---------> VC4:3:48---5-OI4D-1 (SDH-1)