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MPLS LDP,LSPsession hanged

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  492 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

MA5200G can not establish BGP peer with Router Reflector
Running version:NE40E&NE80E v300r001b032sp13

Alarm Information

<HW-PRBD-BAS-01>dis bgp vpnv4 all peer                                          
 BGP local router ID :                                            
 Local AS number : 17813                                                        
 Total number of peers : 2                 Peers in established state : 1       
Peer            V    AS  MsgRcvd  MsgSent    OutQ  Up/Down       State PrefRcv  
                                                                            4 17813     1142      304       0 00:30:47 Established    9731     4 17813        3        8       0 00:31:19      Active       0  

Handling Process

It is not MA5200G problem, It is host routes over specification of this version of NE80E device, it is not a bug or fault.  
When host routes too many over 1K, some routes can not generate LSP, but the forwarding layer will also select lsp to forward the packets, so it will fail.This is the reason why  BGP protocol can not established.

Root Cause

  Check "dis fib", we found tunnel id is not 0x0, it means that one MPLS lsp to should exist, but when we use command"dis mpls lsp in 32 ",we find that this lsp does not exist .

This is the route to MA5200G:
<MB-PR-HW-NE80E-P001>dis ip rou                                                                                       
Routing Table : Public                                                                                                              
Summary Count : 2                                                                             
   Destination/Mask    Proto  Pre  Cost       NextHop         Interface                                                                
                                                                                                                               OSPF   10   3     GigabitEthernet4/0/0                                                     
                                    OSPF   10   3     GigabitEthernet4/0/1

But no lsp exist.
[MB-PR-HW-NE80E-P001]dis mpls lsp in 32

Check all the lsp created on this NE80E:
<MB-PR-HW-NE80E-P001>dis mpls ldp s                                                                                                 
               LDP Session(s) in Public Network                                                                                     
 Peer-ID            Status      LAM  SsnRole  SsnAge      KA-Sent/Rcv                                                               
 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                 Operational DU   Passive  104:23:25   604656/604653                                                         Operational DU   Passive  165:20:47   955379/945737                                                          Operational DU   Passive  165:20:47   955379/945830                                                           Operational DU   Passive  165:20:47   955379/955385                                                           Operational DU   Passive  020:01:22   115530/115532                                                           Operational DU   Passive  000:00:12   52/52                                                                 Operational DU   Passive  014:01:39   81039/80227                                                           Operational DU   Passive  027:04:32   156610/155042                                                         Operational DU   Passive  000:07:04   1697/1681                                                             Operational DU   Passive  161:00:39   927509/918195                                                             
 LAM : Label Advertisement Mode      SsnAge Unit : DDD:HH:MM
Display all LDP lSP,  we found mask 32 LSP number over 1024.
But this version only support 1024 LSP, host routes are over 1024, so some routes can not create LSP, though the forwarding lay select the LSP to forward to packet.


.Please upgrade to NE40E&NE80E V300R003C02B697, we can support 16K host routes to LSP in this version.